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Inspiration for a small home office

I’m lucky that I finally now have a dedicated room in my home to serve as my office, but I wasn’t always so fortunate. I’ve worked in home office arrangements that include the laundry closet of my NYC apartment, at a secretary desk by my bed, and behind the sofa in a nook of my last one bedroom apartment.

If you need a dedicated workspace in your home but don’t have a room to serve as a home office, never fear…we’ve got lots of small home office ideas and tips for you below…

Even a nightstand can serve as a desk in tight spots.  A hall or foyer with unutilized square footage might just work as a home office with the right desk.

I love this ode to the traditional secretary. A glossy finish makes it fit in with the rest of the fancy space.  If this is too traditional for you, their are many, many modern secretary desks to be found.

An oldie but a goodie.  Convert a closet into your office!  The genius behind this idea is that you can close the office doors and hide your office when your work is done.  Install vertical storage solutions like the rod with hooks, and use a sconce for lighting to save valuable desk storage.

via Pinterest via IHeart Organizing

Don’t worry if you can’t “hide” your office in a closet.  Just give your work space the same thoughtful consideration as you would any other room in your home.  Choose a color scheme, matching accessories, art, etc.  If you office is out in the open it will be important to keep it tidy!

Another office in a closet.  Notice how well utilized the shelves are with containers and bins to keep things organized.  This clever creative even stores his/her sewing machine there!

An unutilized wall in a living room or bedroom can not only give you a workspace but also add to the beauty of your home if you carefully consider that your furniture and accessories complement the room it’s sharing.

I hope you’ve found these small office ideas inspiring!

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