Vintage interiors and beautiful moody moments


Vintage interiors really shine when the craftsmanship and details of the past generations pair well with modern sensibilities of less clutter.  And, for simply the heck of it, I’ve added some shots that simply remind me that there is beauty in life to be had, though for personal reasons I might have trouble focusing on them right now.

beautiful wood armoire

A beautiful wooden armoire with birdcage wallpaper makes for a truly beautiful room.

crystal mandela

I don’t know anything about crystals. But this crystal mandala in pink and golds is pretty enough to frame.

woman running in sunset

The golden hour, especially during spring, summer, or fall, is the best time to be outside.

cabinet and framed map

Such a pretty, moody blue – brought all the way down to the baseboards.  The glass front drawers create a “cabinet or curiosity” effect.

Above images via The Vintaquarian.

bohemian interior daybed

You can’t beat a daybed for making use of an unusual space – like the landing at the top of a spiral staircase.

via The Poetry of Material Things.


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