Moroccan Interiors: beautiful and airy spaces


Moroccan interiors have a soft spot in my heart ever since our trip to Morocco.  With the ease, focus on comfort, and beautiful craftsmanship it’s hard to find something not to like.

Moroccan interior bedroom

One thing about Moroccan homes that I loved were the courtyards. Granted, I don’t live in a climate where an open, roofless home would be practical, but it was so nice to come in from the busy street and have a little privacy while still feeling like you are outside.  Ornate wood and plaster carving also adorns a lot of riads in Morocco.

Moroccan interior

Part of the ease of Moroccan interiors is that there are always places to plenty of places to relax and lounge.  Layers of textiles also promote comfort.

2 images above via The Poetry of Material Things
Moroccan day bed lanterns

Moroccan interior


Moroccan interior

I would love to be able to take home an ornately carved door or column and have it installed in my home.

Moroccan interior bedroom with canopy

Yes please! The daybed in white with and airy canopy.

4 images above via Theia Interiors



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