Oriental rugs in modern homes and decor


Oriental rugs in modern decor are something I’ve had my eye on lately.  Oriental, or any hand-knotted antique rugs in that case have a way of beautifully grounding and warming up a space, which is why I think they work in modern decor so well, and the contrast makes a great impact.

I’m also listening to an audiobook right now, Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani, and the descriptions of the rugs inspired me to find some examples to share with you guys.

Oriental rugs gray wall home office

Day to day, this office space would be too dark for me, but otherwise I love the rustic table and the ornate oriental rug.

via Fresh Design Pedia

Oriental rugs blue wall bedroom

The pops of pink in this oriental accent rug look gorgeous with the blue walls.

via Pinterest via Style and Cheek

Persian rug gray wall living room

The patina and wear of an antique rug makes it even more beautiful.

via Pinterst via Design*Sponge
Oriental rugs black wall living room

I’m sure I’ve posted this image before but I just had to share it again, it’s so beautiful. I don’t know if I could live with glossy black shiplap, but the effect is dramatic!

via Country Living.

Oriental rugs blue wall home library

I also really like geometric oriental rugs.  If you are into a more casual or rustic look they are a good choice.

via Pinterest via Style by Emily Henderson


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