We’re back! A new year, a new Decorology to welcome 2017!


Let’s welcome 2017 as a new year of health, kindness, beauty, respect for the planet, reverence for our bodies, reverence for our souls, accepting others and embracing our differences, and PEACE.  As cliche and naive as it may sound, why can’t we all be “humble and kind,” as Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind” pleads?

Below are images I’ve found that illustrate and inspire my goals this year to have a beautiful home, healthy body, clean food, meaningful relationships.  I hope you enjoy!

modern kitchen

Details like stunning pull ring fixtures, an ornate  backsplash, and brass fixtures make this kitchen.  The wood front fridge and farmhouse sink keep the space from looking too polished.  And those windows.

via Pinterest via Design Chic

reading nook window seat Hawkins New York

A built in window seat embellished with cushions is welcoming.  Love the Saarinen table contrasted against the wide plank hardwood floors.

via Pinterest via Domino

healthy breakfast

I’m no longer a vegetarian because I’m lucky enough to get me from my parent’s farm, but I strongly believe in less processed foods.

via Cook Republic

beautiful strong fit yoga

It’s all about fitspiration for me not thinspiration.  Fit individuals age much better than thin individuals.  My goal is to stay strong.  I mentioned to my son’s physical therapist that ever since I had him, and spend a lot more time on the floor that my hips and knees have been hurting.  She recommended yoga to keep joints flexible and open.

via Pinterest

beautiful mountains nature hiking

We cannot eat, breathe, drink, and be nourished by money. No matter what or who the cause of changes on our planet, it’s care and wellness should be a top priority.

via Pinterest via Weheartit

Another big goal for me this year is to continue on my path to live simply and minimize.  I’ve continued going through all of our possessions and trying to donate or sell everything that has no functional or sentimental value.  It’s an ongoing, long process, but we’ve made good progress and I love what it is doing to our home!

What are your goals and what inspires you this year?


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