Why you shouldn’t neglect your hallways


It’s not a new idea to utilize your hallways and not let them be wasted space, but some – myself included- are still guilty of this.  Now that the weather is cooling we will be spending more time indoors, therefore freeing up time to show your halls some love.

A lot of the examples below are foyers, but entryways often pose similar design conundrums as halls, and similar solutions.
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 I love that this hallway is so glamorous but gets cheeky with the addition of a giant framed chalkboard.
via Pic toViral

Our hallway is narrower than this one, no kidding.  Wainscoting and a lovely collection of framed art give this hallway a studied feel.

 So, this hallway is all about amazing bones.  The vaulted ceiling is so pretty.  The horizontal shiplap creates a sense of length.
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 I love a round table in the middle of an entry.  It boasts – “hey look at all the space I have!”  It is not a boast I can make.
via Fresh Designpedia

If you have enough width in your hall to allow it, built-ins or shelves are a great way to display more than art or serve as additional storage.
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Traditional and pretty.


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