Oh what a rug can do: Space transforming rugs


I’m not getting tired of seeing the amazing ways designers are incorporating oriental rugs – both antique and modern spins, into homes.  Some trends I get tired of, but this one I can’t get enough of.  Granted, oriental rugs are a classic, so even if they fall out of favor for a little bit, I know they’ll be back.

This antique oriental rug makes this foyer.  The reds add so much warmth while the white furniture and walls keep the entryway fresh.

It’s not often one sees an oriental rug in pink, but isn’t it perfect in this bedroom?  A lot of modern reproductions combine traditional patterns in bright colors.

A small rug still makes an impact but still allows wide plank hardwood floors to take center stage.

Wow.  What an amazing island.  I love the gold fixtures with the warm wood. 

Oriental rugs are also great for adding pops of color in white or neutral interiors.

Do you have any oriental rugs in your home?  We have one from Iran in our master bedroom that is perfect against our lavender walls.

All image via Kate Marker Interiors


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