Rugs I’m Loving!

Most summers I am the kind of person who tends to pull the rugs up and enjoy the hardwood floor! It’s the one time of year I love to be barefoot with a cold floor at my feet. This summer I am not feeling as pulled to yank up the rugs as I have been before. 
Love everything about this kitchen! Ikea Ramsjo black-brown cabinets - although look black here. Photo Gallery: Budget Kitchen Decorating | House Home:
Instead I’ve been enjoying the transition between hardwood and rugs. I’m loving the indoor outdoor rugs that aren’t as soft on your feet but easy to clean.
I still love the pop of color in a room that’s more neutral!
I’m even considering getting a rug for our outdoor space. It would be nice for the baby to have a little extra cushion!
simply-divine-creation: “ Mary Lauren ”:
via macadameia 
Are you a rug or hardwood person in the summer?


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