4 Must Have’s

I get a lot of questions on what are my must have’s in a home and my list is surprising small!
Natural light and large windows are my number one priority! 
Switch things up in 2016 with these pattern trends to try in your home. Plaid, herringbone and floral are all in the spotlight this year. Add little accents of these trendy patterns or go big and completely redecorate a room using these trends.:
via bhg
Since I work from home, a dedicated work space is a must! It doesn’t have to be huge, just something that is functional and well lit. 
Beautiful backyard living space courtesy of Brooklyn Limestone:
Outdoor space to entertain! I love having family and friends around me as much as I can!
In a perfect world.  I love that the doggy door and food bowls are included.:
An extra bonus would be a mudroom that is pet friendly! I love the idea of a doggy tub to wash off muddy paws. 
That’s pretty much it! I don’t need fancy expensive things. A floor plan is more important to me than a finished home. You can always update things as you need to! What are your must haves?


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