Pattern Happy: Inspiration for using pattern to breathe fresh air into your home


I confess I do get a little afraid of patterns, and I imagine there are a few of you out there who feel the same way.  However, I almost always love a space that masterfully mixes patterns.  Start introducing pattern into your home by finding a few images and/or examples that you think are successful, pinpoint the “guidelines” that created success, and then apply them to your own space.

via My Domaine 

via DecorPad

In this home pattern is even cohesively mixed throughout the home – and the exterior!  Red – in both large and small doses is the “thread” that creates the cohesion.

via My Domaine

Sticking to a color palette (green, red, and black), and varying pattern scales are two guidelines that are help successfully mix patterns.

via My Domaine

Bedding is a good way to get your feet wet with mixing patterns because it’s not as drastic as patterned carpet or wallpaper, though this bedroom beautifully mixes wallpaper pattern, upholstery, drapery, and bedding patterns!

via My Domaine

If you’re still afraid, mix patterns on a smaller scale – pretty books and trays in a bookshelf or coffee table vignette can help build your pattern-mixing confidence!


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