Fresh home office inspiration


I’ve been kicked out of my home office since my husband started working from home two days a week. I love having him at home, but working from the dining room table has lost it’s novelty.  I figured getting some inspiration by finding some home offices that are beautiful and functional would help motivate me to move back into my office.

For me, I need a crisp, well-organized space in order to focus and get started on the project at hand.  It looks like the curtains can close and hide the shelves if needed.

An office in the pantry!  For a chef or food blogger this is genius!  It would be dangerous for me to work so close to food.A nice view is really important to me too!

Whether decorative or utilitarian, storage is important no matter what you do.If you’re a creative type, objects you find beautiful are really important to have around your workspace.  For me, flowers are always inspiring.

Crisp and minimal is a great place to start if you tend to have trouble getting into the “zone”


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