Fresh Flowers, Books, and Candles

One of my favorite things about decorating a home is the little touches that go on table tops. I like to keep it simple and stick with similar decorations throughout the house that vary just a little.
Fresh flowers are my favorite. They can be changed out during the season, kept neutral, or add a touch of color to a room. 
For larger tables, a simple runner with a vase of flowers is beautiful! 
Books are amazing! You can choose them by color and design or just put out some of the ones that mean the most to you!
Top 10 Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas:

Candles are an easy add as well. You can find them in all kinds of shapes, colors, and designs and they help give the room a little ambiance.
Use these free printables to create a chic gallery wall.:

For places that need to hold more storage, I love the use of baskets. They hide the clutter and still look amazing!
What type of table decorations do you love the most?
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