Calling all organization junkies: Making the most of small closets


Our house has a fair amount of small closets, but we lost one in the renovation, so now we have to be even more organized in the closets that we have.  So, I’ve been gathering up ideas and inspiration for how to make the most of what we have.

The secret seems to be bins and compartments designated for like items.

We will definitely be utilizing the back of doors, so I really had my eyes peeled to see how people utilized their own.

via Pinterest via Buzzfeed

Maybe not as aesthetically pleasing, but clear bins can help you spot things more quickly.

Shelf dividers make it easier to grab items as opposed to pulling something from the bottom of a tall stack.
via a cultivated nest

via ?

Little people have little things, so smaller bins will help keep little socks and hats in order.  You could also add another rod between the top one since their clothing is not as long as adults’
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