Small Spaces done right

It’s difficult to create a roomy feel when you are limited on square footage. Here are a few examples of different spaces that I think are done well for limited space. 
A bedroom doesn’t have to be large to be glamorous. You also don’t need a lot in a bedroom to make it a bedroom! A bed and a side table will do just fine since this is a room for sleeping. Keep is simple with a touch of your personality to make it homey.
Laundry rooms can be extravagant or simple but making the most of the space you have is what makes it stand out. This simple closet doesn’t look like much but it has everything you need.
An office doesn’t require a room, a little nook or corner will do just fine! I love when paint is used to separate a space like this. Keep it simple and clutter free so it doesn’t matter where in the home it is!
Closets are so personal. Everyone has different priorities for them and different needs whether it’s shelving, hanging space, or shoe storage! When the closet is small sometimes you can feel limited to how you can design it to fit your needs, but this picture proves that you still can!
Sometimes a dinning room room table or a kitchen table aren’t a necessary! If you don’t have a large family, a dinning room might be a waste of space. This kitchen nook is perfect for small spaces and the extra storage on the side is a great bonus.
Powder rooms tend to be small, but what do you do if you have a tiny powder room? This one is done so well! With a skinny sink to give youroom to walk and a bold pattern behind the toilet, this space looks well designed even though it’s super small!


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