Chairs That Make A Statement


I appreciate a room that is well thought out. Even a great color scheme can get me excited to see more! Other times, I just want to see something that I’ll swoon over, like a statement piece that isn’t just for looks, but usable too. Check out these chairs that are definitely doing that:

Eye-Catching Elegance
via bhg
Sophistication and elegance come to mind for me with these. They are the perfect pair, yet they look so comfortable at the same time! 
You may just see vintage style when you look at this, but in it’s setting it’s a perfect fit that stands out at the same time. This chair becomes a talking piece!
Struggling with a simple color palette and what something a little bold? Grab a pattern and a bright color and this space becomes desirable!
 Rustic dining room with emerald green chairs
via hgtv
Wanting something with a little more bang? Be the king and queen of your dining room table. Pick out some bold chairs that make you feel great.
Curl up in an oversized armchair with luxurious, deep button detailing. Photography: Mark Scott
This chair makes me want to cuddle up and get cozy. It’s great for an afternoon nap but in no way brings down the character and charm in this room. 
What chair style do you love?
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