High Point Global Views for the Holiday Season


High Point is bringing you great finds from Global Views to add to your home that just premiered this fall! Touches of ink blue and camel with the copper are the perfect way to warm up your home for the coming season. 

Here is an interview with Erin Davis Smithson of the Global Views product design and development team about the items we featured here:

“These droplet jars are modern, versatile and perfect for any room. You can make a fun terrarium in them, hold your bath soaps or keep kitchen essentials encapsulated in Style. Inspired by 1960’s genie jars, the clear glass version makes them fun and functional for today.”

Inspired by a cuff bracelet, the copper finish makes this truly jewelry for your home. Copper is on trend for this season, but timeless for any interior. The scratched texture makes it unique. The side table is more versatile being smaller and can add the whimsy to many rooms as a side table or put out in multiples for a larger seating group. The Cuff Cocktail Table also comes in silvery-white nickel finish, pictured below.”

“The Bezel border rug pattern is inspired by an early 20th century air vent register. Menswear inspired color story, the Orange and ink blue update the rug for today. Available in many sizes, you can have this sophisticated rug in any room.”

You can find all of these pieces at a Global Views retailer near you! Which one is your favorite?


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