What are the carpet trends for 2014?

Flooring was often seen as a secondary element of a home’s interior design. Home owners tended to give more importance to the other elements of a room, such as the furniture and accessories, and used a carpet simply as a floor covering. However, the trend is now to make it more of a focal point for a room rather than hiding it away behind neutral shades.
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Carpets had been losing popularity, as more people opted for wood flooring and other hard coverings. Over the past few years, though, carpeting has started to make a comeback as home owners remember the warmth and luxury feel you can only get with a softer floor covering. The new generation fibers are also much easier to care for these days. Designers are now incorporating much bolder colors and elaborate designs into their carpet patterns, as we move away from cream and beige. This year’s trends are showing a mixture of patterns and textures to give the carpet a different look and feel.

Pastel Tones

Having a carpet in cooler shades doesn’t have to mean choosing from the bland neutral colors. Carpet shops still have a great selection of coverings in softer pastel shades. These can give a room a sophisticated but low-key look, where other elements are allowed to shine. They offer a subtler finish than some of the other designs that are available. This year sees an increased use of chalky colors, in varying shades of greens, yellows, pinks and purples. These more subtle tones allows for modern styling and sophisticated furnishing.

Richer Hues

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If you want to create a feeling of luxury and elegance within a room, then you should choose from one of the richer carpet colors that are available. These dark colors, with variants of black, navy, grey and burgundy, will give the room a more dramatic finish as well as a warm and inviting atmosphere. They are the perfect choice for living and dining areas, and dark blues especially work well with metal and wood. By choosing a darker color for your carpet, you’re making it the key element of the room. In order to complete the look, you need to use minimalist furniture and decorations, so as not to take away from the effect of the carpet.

Bold Graphics

Love the different shade of Blues and white mixed together for a classy elegant look!
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Not everyone wants to use a carpet in just one color, and often a combination of two or more in a distinctive pattern can be the perfect finishing point for a room. This type of carpet is making a true style statement and is only for those who want their flooring to be the talking point for guests. 2014 sees a range of patterned designs come on to the market and often these have been combined with bold colors. This type of carpet works best in contemporary homes, where the furniture is clean and simple. Both large print checks and stripes are popular choices; striped carpets also have the effect of lengthening rooms.

When you’re choosing your next carpet, it’s useful to look through a number of carpet shops to ensure you get the right one for your room. Take away some samples and see what works best with your interior design ideas and existing furniture. 

Comfort Textures

The under-foot comfort that comes with a thick and luxurious carpet is undoubtedly worth paying the money for a quality carpet with underlay and perfect fitting. A plush carpet for the bedroom floor where there is a low level of traffic will be perfect for that warm and cozy feel. Over-sized loop piles and thick loop twists are at the forefront of luxury textures for a new trend in carpeting giving that quality under-foot feeling.


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