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Carpet tiles have been around for a long, long time…well, around 50 years. They are a fantastic alternative to installing a full carpet and are great for both commercial businesses (especially in the office), and in the home. Since we are planning on finishing of our floors with hardwood flooring, this would be a great option for us to cover some of our space with carpet and not hide the new floors!

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Some of the best qualities are that they are easy to install, affordable and easy to ship, they are easy to clean and maintain, and they look both professional and stylish. They are available in so many styles and textures these days, that they can fit in practically any space.

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The same great qualities as above make it a great choice for homes as well. Affordable carpet tiles are available widely and are less expensive to ship that traditional carpets because they come packed in boxes. – But best of all they are easy to install, and are DIY friendly. This is especially the case if you are planning to lay them on  top of laminate flooring, vinyl flooring or concrete as there is no need for underlay.

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Carpet tiles come in a range of designs and colors and the fact that they are tiles makes planning your flooring a lot more fun, because you can be creative. They are easy to custom fit the shape of the room, which is particularly great if you have an awkward shaped room. Recently, popular TV design programs, interior design websites and blogs have started to champion carpet tiles due to the ease of installation and the variety and styles of options available.

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Don’t forget that they are easy to clean and maintain! Vacuuming works best for keeping them clean and spills can easily be absorbed with towel or sponge. You can even lift up the dirty tile and run it under the faucet to give it a quick clean. And if a tile (or two) is irretrievably damaged then you can simply just pick it up and replace it with a new one. Simple and a lot more cost effective then having to replace a whole carpet. It also makes it a little easier and more practical to have that white or cream tile you’ve always dreamed of!

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Carpet tiles come in many styles to fit a wide variety of decor styles and many price points. If you are looking to re-floor, carpet tiles are a flooring option that definitely should be considered. There are tons of really great brands out there, but in particular you should check out brands such as:  Burmatex, Desso, Gradus,  Heuga, Interface and JHS Carpets as style wise, their options are fantastic.

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