If you want to try your hand at decorating, update your methods, or become a better designer – you must check out this book!


There are a lot of great how-to decorating books out there, but the one I’m about to introduce is truly different, and I really think it could make anyone a better designer. It’s titled “The Meghan Method,” and is written by Meghan Carter, who got her start in the design world by traveling across the country interviewing industry experts about interior design.

It’s hard to really give the book justice in a short explanation, but here is an idea as seen on the Meghan Method site page:

“This revolutionary guide demystifies decorating, breaking it down into a fill-in-the-blank, simple, step-by-step process — with worksheets — that enables ANYONE, on any budget, to create the home of his or her dreams. You’ll discover:

How to find your true style.
How to pick the perfect colors.
How to mix patterns.
How to arrange furniture.
How to choose lighting.
Where to score the best deals.
Where to find the coolest items.
And much, much more.”

Below I’ve scanned a few of her amazing worksheets which show you how to translate your needs and likes into the perfect room:

The book walks you through several example rooms.  I’m sharing some of her “home office” worksheets.  First is your aspirations for the room.

Second, your functional needs for the room.

Third, and probably where most people get stumped, or overlook, your emotional needs for the room.

Meghan also breaks down how to translate your muses into decor, accessories, and furnishings.

The author also lists a couple of pages worth of inspirational blogs, sites, and magazines. Decorology is so honored to be mentioned among such great company!
Thanks Meghan for the shout out!

Finally, you will complete a room evaluation to make sure your room and the accessories you buy will accommodate everything you need.

Create a to-do list and the order in which items should be completed.

She also reviews methods on how to physically plan your space.  One example is the one above – the taping method.  I’ve never heard of this, but it seems really great if you tend to get really nervous about arranging furniture, hanging pictures, etc.

The final result: your dream space.

I definitely recommend checking this book out.  It’s a thick one – almost 400 pages.  And it’s not just a book of pretty pictures – it’s more like the text book for decorating you always wished you had.

You can buy the book here.

You can download the worksheets here.


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