Inspiration and tips for organizing your craft space


The better organized and pretty your craft space, the more you are going to get out of it.  Below are a few tips for getting it back in shape and lots of eye candy full of inspiration. These are coming at you from BHG. My additions are in italics.

Clean Out Clutter.

Test all the craft supplies you own, including paints, markers, and glues. Do the same with tools such as scissors, staplers, and punches. Toss everything that doesn’t work. Put similar items in clear plastic containers with handles.

Storage for Small Gear.

Hang a clear vinyl shoe bag inside a closet or behind a door. Slip small parts, supplies, and tools into the pouches. If you have no door/closet in your work space – try a small rolling cart with lots of little drawers.

via Amazon

Hang Fabric.

Drape fabric scraps and swatches over rubber-coated hangers intended for multiple pairs of pants. Hang from hooks on the back of a door. Different fabrics need special treatment – even draping velvet over a hanger can damage it This post from Entirely Smitten has great storage ideas, which includes creating your own little minibolts, to using storage boxes originally intended for CDs and other items.

via Entirely Smitten

Organize Ideas.

Purchase eight to 10 sturdy letter boxes and fill with inspirational materials from books, magazines, photographs, and online searching. Organize and label boxes by topic, source, or project. Stack near a chair or desk and use an extra counter, end table, or resting spot. I organize my inspiration and ideas in binders. I fill the binders with clear page protectors and slip my inspiration in the sleeves. It is a really fast way to literally flip through my inspiration. I have a binder for graphic design, hair and makeup, workouts, packaging design, etc.

Here is some great craft and work spaces for inspiration:

so gorgeous!  But I hate when they take cords out of shots – where is the lamp cord?
 Regardless, the cube shelves provide great storage.

This is a dream space – tons of storage drawers, a cushy window seat!
3 above via BHG

via Curbly

via Ikea

via Pinterest

A cabinet with tons of tiny drawers is great if your projects require lots of small tools and materials.
via Pinterest


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