Spring interiors: bliss indoors and out


Spring Interiors

The weather has been so wishy-washy. Teasing us with a 70 degree day, and then bringing us back down by dropping to 50 overnight! But, the leaves are finally on the trees, and the days are longer – so it’s safe to say Spring is here.

I love the longer days…so beautiful
via KML Design

Domino Mag

…and fresh flowers. The first image is flowers in tea tins. I do this, but my tea tins aren’t water tight so I put a juice glass with water inside the tea tin and just put the flowers in the glass. The second image is a cute idea: use some glass bottles (they don’t have to match), wrap some jute or hemp around them – and you get a lovely handpicked, country centerpiece.
via Country Living

….weekends in the country….
via NiKreations

Love the lanterns hanging from the trees!
via Scandinavian Chic

Meals outside..
When I was a kid, we out outside every evening in the summer. We didn’t have a patio, so we just set up chairs and a table right out in the yard

2 images above via Rue Magazine

The ultimate—poolside…
via Design Interior

How do you enjoy spring?


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