2 lovely but different homes: a photographer’s loft, and a couple’s ode to their travels

First, a photographers bright and breezy loft, filled with things she’s collected and uses for photo props…

awww…. and I love the old radio (I think that’s what that is) as a side table

The large chalkboard actually hides some unsightly electrical panels

This table is like a little personal collection of curiosities
I’m still into the clear console tables – does anyone have one? How’s it holding up?
Next, the home of a couple who are world travelers, yet proclaim themselves also to be homebodies. I can relate to this because I love traveling, but I also love coming back home.
Under the classic alarm clock is one of the funniest books ever, “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris. If you haven’t read it – do so…

These panels from Indonesia were too big to get back home, so they bought similar ones they found imported to the states. I deal with this all the time. When I travel, I often just have a book bag, and sometimes shipping an item back home is more expensive from buying something similar already imported to the states…

The painting is a child’s work from Cambodia. They sell their art on the streets to pay for tuition.
This gold Buddha is from Chiang Mai, Thailand

This silver elephant is from Cambodia


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