April’s Monthly Storage Plan: The Laundry Room


So, I’m really late getting you April’s agenda from BHG’s “Month by Month Storage Plan.”
But I promise you this one is pretty painless – but can make a big difference in saving you time every week doing your laundry. Here is BHG’s suggestions for creating a streamlined, efficient laundry room…

Sorting Baskets. Place a three-compartment bin or basket in a closet or open shelf in your laundry room (look at home or office supply stores for options). Separate clothing to be repaired, dry-cleaned, and donated.

Laundry baskets make great sorting bins that are easily moved about. You can download BHG’s free Laundry Labels here. (You may have to sign in or create a profile before they let you do this – just a head’s up)

Not all of us have the luxury of separate rooms or dedicated spaces for every task or hobby, so a well planned out utility room can handle multiple purposes. This room handles laundry, and crafts such as wrapping… notice the rolls of wrapping paper. A surface over the washer and dryer provides space for crafting. Lots of baskets and bins provide storage for supplies.
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• Keep Detergent Handy. Fill plastic beverage dispensers with laundry detergent, softener, and other liquid laundry additives. Hang a set of plastic measuring cups nearby from a cup hook.

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Liquids and powders obviously look prettier in glass bottles or tins, but it might not really be practical for everyone. Also – if you forget instructions easily save the usage labels for products.

• Drying Rack. Mount a drying rack or double towel bar near your washer as a spot for air-drying clean sweaters or rugs.

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This is a great example of the well organized laundry room. It’s not an actual “room” so the owner has cleverly installed curtains to hide the area when not in use. And even though the space is small, a foldable drying rack still fits in nicely. Ballard designs has some great drying racks similar to this one.

Make a Catch-all for Ironing Supplies. Convert a silverware caddy into a stain-treating or ironing kit. Fill with small size cleaners, spray starches, and linen waters. Be sure to include essential tools such as brushes, dry-cleaning pads, and collar points.

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Mounting planters or containers can also serve as catchalls for any other cleaning supplies you need on hand.

Below are some more laundry rooms to inspire you –

Small, but shelving provides space to organize

I love the idea of an armoire as a utility room organizer.

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5 images above via House to Home

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