Feminine, glamorous, sweet & pretty – what our homes could look like if he didn’t hate pink


Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t trade my man for the world, but sometimes…don’t you just want to paint your bedroom pale pink? Or drink your tea out of a gold rimmed cup and saucer everyday? Well, those of us who have to consider the men in our homes when making design choices can live vicariously through these ladies who have the freedom to make their homes as feminine as they like. I swear I can smell the perfume emanating from some of these. Enjoy!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bedroom. Isn’t the bed amazing?!? It’s from the loft of lingerie designer Jessie Zinkie, who’s decorating philosophy is that “…of course, everything must be soft and comfortable.”

A beautiful montage from the desk of Jolene Ballard, part of the interior design Domicile ID.

What a sumptuous office chair…who thought an office chair could be sumptuous?

So, turns out a man does share this bed with Jolene. God bless him – I love symmetrical nightstands – but I don’t think Chris would tolerate me being so anal for one minute.

Isn’t this pretty and sweet mint green bedroom just the epitome of femininity? I had a mint green bedroom at one point and I found the color to be very soothing.

What do you think? Is your home as feminine as you like it or do you have to tone it down for your man?

All images via Rue


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