Creating a space with whites/neutrals, and dark accents


So reader Cynthia wrote me with a question regarding her bedroom suite and using it to create the look she’s going for:

“We are in the process of moving into our new house and I was wondering if you could help us with the decoration of our bedroom? We have an antique white colour bedroom suite (same as the photo attached but the only difference is ours is antique white in colour).

We would like our room to be cosy and elegant,with loads of neutral colour and loads of dark wood. Our main inspiration is from the house in “Something’s Gotta Give”. We are just worried that it might look out of place with the white bedroom suite and that would throw the whole scheme off..”

Here is the style of her bedroom suite – but her’s is antique white.

Here are shots from the home in “Something’s Gotta Give, ” to get an idea of the look she’s going for

So lots of neutrals, creams, and dark wood accents. The floors are also a dark wood.
Movie shots via Hooked on Houses

Pretty much, I think the look Cynthia is going for is totally possible with the white bedroom suite that she already has. The important thing is to keep in mind the proportion of lights and darks when decorating the space. So Cynthia might want to balance out her white bedroom suite with some furniture pieces in dark wood – such as lamps, a side table, chair, etc.

This room has white furnishings but dark wood beams and a dark piano.
via Living Better Together

The white furniture in this room is kept from being too matchy-matchy be the addition of the brown leather chair.
via House to Home

3 above via DecorPad

via Ideal Home
The three images above all display a casual balance or white and/or neutrals, and dark woods.

This room is a mix of so many styles but still gorgeous
via DecorPad

via The Lennoxx

The four images above illustrate how even with dark walls white furnishings can be integrated with dark wood; just make sure you supply adequate lighting.
2 above via CocoCozy

Well, I hope I was some help Cynthia – or atleast provided some eye candy. If anyone else has some advice for Cynthia please comment!


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