A month by month plan to get your home storage organized: March is for living room organization


So month three of BHG’s month-by-month storage plan is to conquer your living room. This one is pretty easy, I promise. If you missed month one – January, you can see the home office storage plan in my previous post. If you missed February, which was conquering the kitchen, you can read it at this post. You can also read them here on BHG.

March Storage Projects: Living Room

• Personal Storage Bin. Give every family member a spot to stash personal items. Fill a bookcase with similar baskets or bins and label containers with each person’s name. Establish a house rule to put away books, magazines, toys, and projects every night.

bins keep clutter under control
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• Multifunctional Storage. Overhaul your occasional tables. Replace tables and traditional ottomans with small chests and storage cubes. Add baskets to open spaces. Skirt tables and stash items underneath.

• Don’t Overdo with Collectibles. Edit a collection to 12 or a fewer outstanding items. Display on a single shelf for maximum impact. Store other items in the collection in one location. Introduce three or four new items–and remove and store the same number–every season.
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• Create a Space for Entertainment Supplies. Designate one easily accessible drawer for entertaining supplies. Fill the drawer with coasters, napkins, and snack bowls or plates. Include a basket of favorite snacks, a roll of paper towels, and a mini trash receptacle.

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Some living room inspiration

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