A month by month plan to get your home storage organized: February is for kitchen organization


So month two of BHG’s month-by-month storage plan is to conquer your kitchen. Here’s the strategy. If you missed month one – January, you can see the home office storage plan in my previous post.

Sort and Label.
Evaluate all pantry items. Toss everything that’s expired and give away everything you didn’t use in the last year. (Write today’s date on every item so you’ll know next year if you actually used each item.) Put items back in pantry and label shelves.
oh…an organized pantry is a BEAUTIFUL thing
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One cannot have too many jars and canisters. Looks better and keeps food fresher than boxes and bags. I will cut off the label on the box and tape it to the lid of a jar if it’s something I might have trouble identifying later.
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Keep a clipboard in your pantry to jot down any staples you are running low on.
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Outfit a Drawer. Double the storage capacity inside a cabinet by adding freestanding wire shelves. Measure your cabinet interiors before heading to the home center or choose expandable shelves. Include riser-style inserts for small items such as spices or glassware.

Utilize Cabinet Doors. Evaluate the interior of every cabinet door and determine whether you can use the space to store spices, loose recipes, paper towels, or utensils. Add shallow shelves, racks, wall-mount pouches, and magnetic or cork boards.

Living in small NYC kitchens I learned early on to utilize the inside of cabinet doors, closet doors, etc. to store things.

Genius! Use tension rods to separate and divide lids, trays, and baking sheets.
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Add Hooks. Install a utensil bar or metal grid above or beside your stove. Dangle five to eight frequently used utensils from S-hooks. Include a small wire basket to hold salt, pepper, cooking spray, and oil.

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I love the nook for the mixer and toaster!

great use of island space – installing bookshelves on the side. I don’t know what the TV is doing their though.

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Go to BHG to see the upcoming/past months’ storage plans.


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