Dreamy bedrooms for all tastes


I’m not gonna lie. I’m no early bird. At my most shameful I wake up at 11 AM and don’t shut my laptop until 1 AM. While I still easily put in an 8 hour day, I still feel guilty sleeping so late. Enough of my venting – long story short, I love a well designed bedroom. Here are a handful that caught my eye.

I don’t remember where this photo is from but isn’t it beautiful! I love mix and match bedding

This modern isn’t usually my taste – but this room is so clean and spotless I think I’d have no problem resting in it!

I really like the eclectic look. You can mix patterns providing they share a palette.
via Domino Book of Decorating

For the girly girl in all of us.
via Creamy Life

wonderfully cozy
via Rower Fort

So luxurious but not over the top
via Styleometry

What do you think of this wallpaper? The headboard and bedskirt match. Could you live with it? I like the bedroom arrangement but I’d have to REAAAAALLLLYYY love the pattern.
via Elle Decor

via Notebook

An industrial and modern bedroom. If I remember correctly – this is actually from a boat house!
via Indenfor & Udenfor

modern retro with a twist of indie
via Lizard Management


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