Setting Your Easter Table with Wow


Easter is a time for family and friends to gather together, embracing a message of renewal. Spring has arrived or is so close you can feel it. The entire palette of the landscape is changing from dirty browns and grays towards the verdant and even beginning to blossom with color. We want to fling open our windows and doors to let that freshness into our environments that have become dusty and stale from months of being cooped up.

This is an exciting opportunity to have a merry meal with those important to us, welcoming them into our newly bright homes for an afternoon of camaraderie and good home cooking. Understandably you want your table to reflect all this liveliness but how exactly do you instill that Easter feeling into your dining room? What are some ideas that work together to make a festive and functional place to celebrate this season?

Easter eggs on a wooden background
Image by AdelinaZw from Pixabay

Color comes to mind right away – Easter eggs, jelly beans, the plumage of returning songbirds, sprouting bulbs, and reawakening leaves on trees. Adding pastel napkins to your place settings certainly will do the trick but what if we go vertical? Creating varied tiers of engagement not only maximizes your surface area but creates a Mad Tea Party, storybook staging. Accomplish this by picking out various sizes and colors of Mosser Glass cake stands from Weston Table, and get stacking. Mix and match these cheery milk glass pedestals to create multiple layers of serving stations for your guests.

Build a tower of appetizers that can then be removed and replaced with your side dishes stacked one atop another. You could build a veritable candy-colored forest with each tier offering a different part of the meal – maximizing your space as well as your wow factor. So don’t think of these stands as just for desserts. They are capable of launching your meal visually into the stratosphere.

Now that we have some playful variety, how about looking for some continuity across the table. Let’s look in an unlikely but very effective place – flowers. Usually bouquets and centerpieces dominate a spread with various combinations of blooms, giving a vibrant yet varied effect. What if you took all your disparate vases from around the house, spread them throughout your forest of cake stands and filled them each with the same flower? It would be like coming across a carpet of wildflowers in a field. A seasonally appropriate choice could be a bulk order of lilacs from FiftyFlowers. You can select from white, shades of purple, or even a two-tone flower.

Yellow tulips
Image by Krysten Merriman from Pixabay

If you absolutely must introduce some variety into your flowers, a mixture of the lilac colors is available in a single bundle, jazzing up the original concept a little. Imagine the eye-popped looks you’ll get from your guests as they take in this lush carpet of color – not to mention the intoxicating smell. Don’t take the time to take a class in flower arranging when you can achieve an even more wow-inducing effect with a few armfuls of the same stem.

An Easter meal wouldn’t be complete without some kind of chocolate treat. Just because we may be past the age when it’s socially acceptable to run around the house or yard, filling a basket with as many confections as we can doesn’t mean we should be counted out of the sweet Easter bounty. So why not integrate this into the tablescape and let guests eye the meal’s finale expectantly throughout? Chocolate bunnies and eggs from L.A Burdick not only perfectly fit the holiday brief but these gourmet handmade goodies are exquisitely delicious.

Adorable in their narrow, pale green box, several of which you could boldly line up along the center of your spread, they may be even cuter individually peeking out from amongst the cake stands, integrating the hunt right into the architecture of your decorations. Why not put a mini basket at each place setting so folks can gather whichever chocolate they eye throughout the meal, anticipating the time when they’ll be able to give into temptation and finally take a taste? Dessert as decoration sounds like a rather wow-inducing statement.

Chocolate bunny
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

So while having a set of bunny ears for each person at your table may make for an Instagram-ready dinner, the above suggestions embrace the season in some unconventional ways but together are sure to evoke an environment of merriment while being exciting for the eyes and other senses, too. The Mosser cake stands from Weston Table are the foundation of your tablescape, immediately bringing forth excitement through color and height. Populating those levels not only with the elements of the meal but with the spring-evoking lilacs from FiftyFlowers brings the freshness of the outdoors inside and their abundance will almost surely bring smiles to faces.

Frankly, integrating chocolate bunnies and eggs from L.A. Burdick is a win-win in that their precious little chocolate faces peeking out from behind boughs of lilacs can only bring joy – and while they are almost too cute to eat, enjoying their exquisite taste will be the coup de grace for every chocoholic at your table. Have a wonderful celebration of renewal with some new ideas that hopefully turn into traditions for you.

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