Establishing A Weekly Cleaning Routine For Your Apartment


From vacuuming carpets to cleaning up spills, learning to establish a weekly cleaning routine is important for many reasons. Not only does it reduce daily stress, but it also promotes a healthier living environment, and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Moreover, having a clean place can protect you from disease-causing germs and bacteria. According to studies, one can find around 7,000 types of bacteria in the average home. Also, it was found that kitchen sinks, bathroom faucet knobs, and countertops, among others, have the highest germ count. So if that alarming fact made you rethink your apartment cleaning strategy, be sure to read until the very end because these cleaning tips will improve your cleaning efforts like never before.

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Planning a Cleaning Routine

Unstructured cleaning can be overwhelming and messy, so organizing your tasks and breaking them down into manageable jobs is a great way to create an effective weekly cleaning routine. Start by inspecting each room individually and listing all their cleaning needs to cover each area of the apartment, and ensure nothing gets left out. To have a weekly cleaning schedule that is easy to remember and execute, consider doing certain tasks on a specific day. 

For instance, on Mondays, you can vacuum carpets and mop floors. On Tuesdays, devote time to decluttering rooms, cabinets, and storage areas. On Wednesdays, disinfect surfaces and tabletops. Thursdays can be for cleaning and freshening up bathrooms, while Fridays can be spent laundering clothes, towels and bedding. On Saturdays, you can focus on cleaning whichever area needs it the most, then rest and relax on Sunday so you can have time for self-care. 

used with permission from Sandra Fox

Stick to Your Cleaning Schedule

A typical cleaning schedule can take approximately 20 to 40 minutes per day depending on the size of the apartment. Splitting the cleaning chores up and sticking with the schedule ensures tasks are done little by little each day rather than all at once, which can leave you in a constant state of not knowing where and when to start. However, apartment cleaning can be challenging to squeeze into a tight schedule, so it may also be wise to get professionals to clean your apartment and remove the burden of home cleaning off your shoulders.

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Get Family Members or Roommates Involved

Ensure that everyone in the apartment gets involved in the weekly cleaning routine to check chores off the cleaning checklist faster and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment together. Not only will it prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust at home, but it also instills self-discipline. Moreover, everyone will make an effort to keep your apartment as neat and clean as it can be since you’re all putting in the work to clean it thoroughly. 

used with permission from Sandra Fox

Nothing provides better mental relief than waking up in a clean and feel peaceful home. Regardless of the apartment size, having a weekly cleaning routine is something that everyone should have. All it takes is a little bit of self-discipline and maybe a checklist or two to build a sustainable home cleaning routine for the long run.

If you’re searching apartments for rent in Richardson TX, establishing a weekly cleaning routine is an excellent way to keep your living space tidy and organized. By involving everyone in the apartment, you can distribute the workload and make cleaning less daunting. Plus, with plenty of cleaning services available in the area, you can also consider outsourcing the task if you need additional support.


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