How To Create a Luxurious Kitchen That Will Always Look Classy


Regarding home improvement and renovation, kitchens are often the target of these projects. It’s understandable when considering that it’s the heart of your household. Family and friends gather here to share creating meals, sharing stories over coffee, or working on last-minute school projects with your children. 

A lot takes place in this room, and it only makes sense it should be a luxurious space with a classic style that never becomes outdated. To achieve this aesthetic, it takes a keen sense of style and an appreciation for finer materials to revamp it. Even if you have a tight budget, creating a posh kitchen area that will be an attractive focal point in your home is still possible. 

What does it take to upgrade your cooking space into an oasis of functionality, convenience, and beauty? Read on to learn what it takes to do just that. 

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It All Beings with the Layout

Luxury kitchen areas are about more than fancy countertops, crown molding, and expensive china. The room’s layout is equally crucial since the enjoyability of the space is about more than having state-of-the-art appliances. After all, who wants to spend hours prepping and cooking delicious meals in a space that’s cramped and has little counter space to work? 

You need room to move about unimpeded and have ample workspace and storage galore. Whether your kitchen is a double galley style or has an open floor plan that connects with the dining room, the distance between your oven, refrigerator and sink should be unobstructed. 

Be strategic about the placement of your appliances, as well. For example, do you want your kids getting in your way to access the fridge while you’re cooking? If not, place it closer to the entrance of this room, so they have quick access without being underfoot. 

Keeping these elements in mind when designing your new kitchen area will ensure you get the most productivity out of this space. 

Used with permission from Amy Bartlam Photography

Invest in High-Quality Kitchen Cabinetry

Do you know what makes a quality kitchen cabinet? If you only focus on what the doors and hardware look like, you’ve only got half of the equation. Standard cabinetry options found at home improvement stores often rely on staples, particle board, or lightweight plywood. 

To create a luxury kitchen, you want only the best materials to make up your cabinet construction and will likely need to order them special to ensure their quality. After all, you want to avoid dealing with warped shelving, uneven drawers, or weak door hinges. 

Custom kitchen cabinets in Spring House, PA, are a great example of what to look for:

  • Box frames of 3/4″ plywood, which exceeds the ½” industry standard
  • Screws and glue instead of just staples
  • Drawer supports
  • Complete customizability to ensure the best fit in your layout
Used with permission from Amy Bartlam Photography

Don’t Get Caught Up in Fads

Creating an elegant kitchen area isn’t inexpensive, so it’s important that you choose styles and trends that are timeless. For example, you don’t want to change countertops and flooring every few years; no one has the budget or patience for that. So instead, stick with classic designs that will stay in style quickly.

Often, less is more when looking at the many luxurious kitchen ideas that are currently available on the market. You can also use accents to define this space which you can change up now ad then without needing to tear it all down and start over.  

Used with permission from Amy Bartlam Photography

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Professional Advice

Updating your kitchen from blase to jaw-dropping requires a good bit of knowledge about decorating. You may opt to pick out the materials for your countertop on your own, but are you fully aware of how durable it will be? What about maintaining its surface? If you’re going to install a wood floor, do you know the difference between the different wood types available? 

There’s a lot to know when renovating your kitchen, so trust an expert for advice. They’ll have firsthand knowledge of what other luxury kitchens are looking like and give you some recommendations about everything from paint to backsplashes and appliance features. 

Your Countertop Can Make or Break Your Kitchen’s Aesthetic

The countertop is an equally essential element in your kitchen that will pull its entire classic style together. With the many styles and materials to choose from, it’s easy to get caught up in aesthetics and overlook durability. Remember, striving for a luxurious look doesn’t mean it needs to be a pain to maintain. 

If you like the look of granite, prefer a combination of quartzes, or love the decadence of terrazzo, take time to get samples and compare textures and compatibility with your theme. Natural materials can have variations, so don’t assume what you see on your computer screen will be exactly what you get once delivered and installed. 

If you like solid wood grain’s uniqueness, consider using wooden countertops instead. Handcrafted counters add next-level elegance and a hint of nature kitchens around the world. Ceramic tiling is also a popular, long-lasting option and carries classic appeal and design.

Play with the Lighting

One of the greatest ways to draw a visitor’s eye to any kitchen is with lighting. Lights in this area should be focused on more than just brightening up your meal prep areas. You can add to the appeal of this room with a statement piece, such as a pendant light.

The elegance of an art glass hanging lamp can go a long way in creating a sense of luxury in a room without having to focus on all the details first. Instead, it’s just there, beckoning visitors and friends to explore your cooking area further, creating a sense of curiosity and wonder about this space. 

Remember, Synthetics Feel Cheap

It’s important to only invest in high-quality materials when renovating your kitchen. While some alternative materials can reproduce the look and feel of wood, they won’t have the same warmth and uniqueness as the genuine article. However, you can still create a luxurious aesthetic by purchasing a few higher-end elements, such as a terrazzo backsplash and custom-crafted cabinets, and then investing in more affordable accents. 

Just ensure that the primary focal points of your kitchen are quality-made and constructed to maintain a classy appeal that doesn’t feel whipped together on a budget. Over time, synthetic material, like a composite countertop, will wear down and start to show its age much sooner than a marble or granite version. 

The Takeaway

While it isn’t necessary to break the bank to achieve a classic kitchen look that offers modern convenience and luxury, it’s important to choose elements that bring these elements forward in this room. 

Instead of laminate flooring, you may find the larger investment of real wood isn’t that much more, lasts longer, and adds warmth. The same approach should be used when deciding on the type of cabinetry you want to install. Their durability is equally important as their beauty, so do your homework when evaluating your options. You want solid construction, not flimsy particle board that will sag and gives way over time. 

Upgrading your kitchen area to create a more welcoming and functional environment will be a rewarding project that your household will appreciate for years to come. Incorporating the recommended tips in this article will ensure it also creates an exquisite environment to prepare meals and share memories. Thanks to Misty Creek Cabinetry for consulting.


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