9 Backyard Projects That Will Turn Your Home Into a Peaceful Refuge


No matter what size or shape your backyard is, it should be a place to relax and get away from it all. Whether you are having a family barbecue or laying out in the sun, it should be a refuge where you can get away to escape. However, if you haven’t updated your backyard in a while, there’s a good chance that it’s overgrown and messy. Sitting and spending time in a yard like this can give you stress and anxiety, which is the opposite of what a backyard should do. Here are nine backyard projects that will turn your yard into a peaceful refuge

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What Is a Peaceful Refuge?

A peaceful refuge can be different things for different people. For some, it’s a place where you can bask in the nature around you. For others, it’s a quiet place to read a book. Still, for others, the peaceful part comes in the form of a tong and a grill. You must decide for yourself what peaceful means and how it can manifest itself in your backyard. The key is creating a space to close off the outside world and be yourself. 

used with permission from Blackband Design

Stone Pathways

Most of the time, pathways are built from one point to another. They may be direct, or they may detour, but the idea is always to have them connect those two spots. However, more people are choosing paths in their yards that simply go around their yards. They don’t have a destination, and they don’t have a functional purpose. However, they offer a sense of peace and discovery. This evokes a feeling of relaxation by making the backyard a place of discovery rather than a place where you go and do things. Installing stone pathways also gives a rustic look that gives off a feeling from another time when things were simpler. 

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Clear Out the Clutter

Sometimes it doesn’t take a big project to transform your space. Sometimes all it takes is to clean out the clutter. Your backyard can accumulate a surprising amount of clutter over the years. You may have kids’ play equipment, such as a swing set or a trampoline, that isn’t getting used anymore. There may also be garden tools and implements that aren’t being used anymore that you could get rid of or move to the garage. Recycle or throw out old furniture and replace it with new pieces. Clutter also includes any overgrown hedges or trees. Giving your space a much-needed refresh can do wonders for your mood. 

used with permission from Blackband Design

Install a Deck

Installing a deck is like installing a new living space to your home. It’s another room where you can entertain friends, sit quietly in a chair, or lay out and soak up the sun. The best part about a deck is that you can customize every part of it. Want a deck to surround your hot tub? You can do that. Do you want a space for an outdoor kitchen? It can happen. Contact professional deck builders, to discuss what you want. A deck can transform your home since it is like adding another room to your home. 

Create Enclosure

A refuge has to feel like it’s separate from everyday life. It should be closed off from the outside world to give you a sense of peace and tranquility. If your backyard is not enclosed, then you should make it be. You can install fencing, of course, but shrubs or another kind of plant might give off a better vibe. You can also use planter boxes, privacy screens, living walls, or trellises. Not only will it give you more visual appeal, but it will create more privacy as well. 


You can build structures that will not only add visual appeal but will also provide spaces for you to enjoy your yard in all types of weather. A gazebo, for instance, is a lovely addition that can add a rustic and classic feel. A simple awning can protect you from the rain and provide you with shade. Some homeowners like to put a sauna in their yards to refresh and rejuvenate themselves after a long day. 


Water has therapeutic properties when you drink it, but it also has them when you see and hear it. Bubbling, running, or rushing water has a calming effect that can’t be beaten. If you don’t have water flowing naturally through your property, why not make some? A fountain can do the trick for an affordable price. Some people like to build koi ponds and enjoy watching the fish at play. The same concept applies to a bird bath. You can also go with a swimming pool, which refreshes you to swim in it, and can be calming when it is lying still. 


Remember nights sitting around a campfire, swapping stories and laughter? Why not recreate those times every night with your very own firepit? Imagine you, your friends, or just your close family sitting by the fire and enjoying companionship. If you want to be fancier, invest in an outdoor fireplace. It’s all the comfort and warmth you need on a cool spring evening. 


When you’re entertaining with friends or having an intimate evening with your partner, the ambiance has to be just right. That’s where lighting comes in. Installing outdoor lighting will give you the vibe you want for your backyard and allow you to see in the dark to boot. As a result, you can enjoy your yard well into the evening hours. 

Your backyard should be a place where you go to escape from it all. You may only be able to do some of these projects, but any one of them can make your home a relaxing oasis to enjoy. Thanks to Keystone Custom Decks for consulting.


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