5 Easy Living Room Remodeling Tips for New Homeowners


After buying your first home, you might as well be thinking about how you can decorate and modify it to your liking. The best place to do that is in the living room. Since it’s the most used part of your home, the living room deserves a total redo if you feel like it doesn’t match the atmosphere you are looking for. Remodeling the living room requires a great deal of time, money, and effort to pull off. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips you can follow for sprucing up this area of your home.

1. Start with the walls

Living room with fireplace
Used with permission of Andrea West Design

The first thing to keep in mind is to check if the walls need repainting. Changing the color can help you achieve the kind of feel or atmosphere you want. Certain colors can also make the living room look larger or more spacious. Regardless of the overall style you want, changing the wall colors can change the look and feel of your living room without the need to change other aspects. If you’re aiming for a more minimalist aesthetic, consider changing the wall colors to neutral hues like white or beige.

2. Green it up

If you want to turn your living room into a tranquil space that’s perfect for meditation, consider adding indoor plants to your layout. Not only does it help improve air quality, but placing plants around the area can help boost your mood and relieve stress. It also won’t cost too much to bring a dash of green. Snake plants, aloe vera, and succulents are great and affordable options. They are also easier to maintain, so visit your community garden or home store and find plants to help freshen up your living room.

3. Swap the furniture

Armchair in living room beside the fireplace
Used with permission of Andrea West Design

Even if you bought your home fully furnished, you could be thinking about replacing the living room furniture with new ones. This is ideal if you want to follow a specific theme or design motif for the area. While you could expect to pay more than $1,000 to replace your sofas and other fixtures, buying new furniture is an easy way to upgrade your home. You just need to look for a furniture store that offers a diverse range of styles to fit your remodeling goals. In Australia, look for furniture stores Sydney interior designers and homeowners love.

4. Switch up the layout

If buying new furniture is too costly for you, you might want to change the layout of your living room. For this, you can simply move the fixtures around, getting rid of clutter, and reclaiming more space by removing certain fixtures. Be creative and look for ways to make your living room functional without affecting the area’s appearance.

5. Add sustainable decorations

View of the fireplace and living room from kitchen
Used with permission of Andrea West Design

You don’t have to invest in art pieces to make your living room stand out. Make do with the materials you have on hand and come up with DIY decorations that can beautify the area without costing you much in the long run.

Sprucing up your living room for the first time shouldn’t be expensive or time-consuming. You just need to apply the right tips for giving this area a newer and fresher look.

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