Top Reasons to Love Occasional Chairs


Many people believe occasional chairs are ornamental pieces in a home setup. This sentiment is premised on believing that once the main pieces of furniture are in, others are irrelevant. This belief is wrong, and interior designers have consistently used less paramount pieces as focal points in a room. One of the designers’ go-to items is occasional chairs. Read more to know why people love them.

The Have Multiple Uses

Living room with chairs and couch
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The first thing you should know about occasional chairs is that they have multiple uses. You can buy one more suitable for reading if that is your hobby. Instead, you may also opt for one that is more suitable for relaxation if that is the purpose you want it for. The most exciting fact is that these chairs can also be used for other purposes simultaneously.

They Make Great Accent Furniture

People often confuse occasional and accent chairs, but the two are different. Occasional chairs are bought to be used for specific functions occasionally. Interestingly, occasional chairs also make good accent furniture since they are typically different from the rest of the existing decor. On the other hand, accent pieces are primarily used to put a pop of colour in an otherwise dull room.

They Give the Right Finishing to Your Decor

Living room with armchairs and table
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No one can help but love the way occasional chairs give the proper finishing to your decor. If you have some space in your living room serving no purpose, you can put an occasional chair there to make everything cohesive. They just excellently tie the whole decor up.

They Show Off Your Personality

Image credit: 1825 Interiors

Using occasional chairs is one of the best ways to show your individuality. If you are a book lover, you can get a cozy armchair to settle in occasionally with your favourite books. A slipper chair is better if you want something to relax on as you scroll through your favourite magazine or chat with others.

There are No Rules to Choosing One

Another reason to love occasional chairs is that there are no rules to choosing one. There are so many types of chairs that can serve as occasional chairs, and you can choose whichever you want. Browse through various forms, materials, and colours to pick whatever suits you most. You can also buy more than one and place them strategically if that is your preferred style.

They Work Well in Any Room

Living room with couch, coffee table and chairs
Used with permission of Lisa Furey Interiors

You must love occasional chairs for how well they work in any room. You can join the common trend of placing occasional chairs in the living room, but other options exist. You can put one in your bedroom, dining room, study, hallway, or outside. Just ensure that the chair is appropriate for whatever purpose.


Knowing the advantages of having one or more occasional chairs around, you should include them in your interior decor. Take your time to understand the options available to you and which one suits you most. You can also ask for ideas and consider suggestions that may make your task easier.

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