Top 6 House Selling Tips from Real Estate Agents


Traditionally, home sellers turn to real estate agents to assist them when marketing their property, arranging showings, and negotiating with the buyer’s agent. This just means that real estate agents are specifically hired for their ability to best appraise one’s house’s value. If you’re interested to know how brokerages find these individuals, you can check this real estate agent recruiting letter guide. In addition, Estate Agents Portsmouth understand what can help make a home sell quickly.

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However, some individuals prefer a more hands-on approach and opt to do most of the home-selling process on their own. If you choose to handle most of the tasks to sell your home yourself, consider these recommendations from the experts so you can sell your property quickly:

Price Your Property Right

If you want to sell your home fast, you need to price it right. Setting an unrealistically high price for your property with the intention of reducing it later isn’t a good practice in real estate. That’s because buyers and their agents have access to information about the value of homes around your neighborhood. Thus, they know what most properties in the same area are worth before they even view yours. Also, an overpriced home tends to stay on the market longer; even if you cut the price, some buyers might not be convinced. In fact, they may think there’s something wrong with the property.

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Thus, find out what your home is worth before you post it up for sale. Research recently sold properties that are similar in size, age, condition, and location as yours. Make sure to also review the current real estate market, as this can be a factor when pricing your home. If there are many homes but few buyers, you may have to adjust your home’s price to attract more offers. On the other hand, if there are more buyers than properties up for sale, you have better chances of selling your property at your preferred price.

Clean Your Home

Before you let potential buyers tour your home, be sure it’s clean. It’s one of the best ways to get buyers interested and make an offer. If you have the budget for it, consider hiring a company that can deep clean your entire house. If you’ll do the cleaning yourself, focus on the parts of the house buyers often look at such as the kitchen countertops, inside cabinets, shelves, bathrooms, inside closets, basement, garage, and windows. It also helps to spruce up the exterior of your property because it will be the first thing prospective buyers will see. 

Remove Excess Clutter

Many buyers consider space and storage when purchasing a home. As such, remove any clutter in your home to give customers an idea of how much space they can enjoy. Pack away knickknacks and large furniture in a storage unit to clear the space and help potential buyers envision themselves living there. 

Because many buyers take a closer look at different parts of the home, pay attention to the storage spaces as well. Take half of the contents in your closets and cabinets, then neatly organize what’s left. This can help make your home feel roomier and thus more appealing to buyers.

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Make Necessary Updates but Keep Them to a Minimum

Quick home updates before putting your house on the market often pay off, especially on areas that look dated. However, remember to keep the improvements to a minimum so you can reduce your costs. Instead of making huge remodeling projects, pick home improvements that are subtle but have an impact on many buyers. For example, a fresh coat of paint on your walls will freshen up the space. You can also replace busted or dated cabinet or door hardware. Remember to fix leaky faucets and clean the grout as well, so your home remains in good condition. 

Hire a Professional Photographer

Many buyers look for homes for sale online. Thus, you need to treat your home listing like a social media post: the images have to be good. If your photos don’t show off the attractive features of your property, prospective buyers might outright reject it even if they don’t visit or go to the open house. In short, if you want to get more buyers to make an offer, you need to invest in high-quality photos.

For this reason, consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos of your home. Request at least 30 photos showcasing the different areas of your home including the property’s interior and exterior. It’s also a good idea to ask for photos under different lighting conditions.

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Always Be Ready for Showings

Since you never know when a buyer would want to tour your home, it needs to be ready for showing at all times. Don’t leave dishes in the sink and keep your bathrooms sparkling clean. Also, make sure there isn’t any dust accumulating on surfaces and corners.

In addition to your house being always ready, you must be available whenever a potential buyer wants to come over too. This may include evenings and weekends, or whenever a client’s schedule is free to look at houses. If your home is always available for showings or requires little to no notice, more prospective buyers will want to see it. Conversely, if you need 24 hours or longer to prepare, some individuals may opt to skip seeing your home—which is one less prospective buyer.

While real estate agents are experts in their field, you can still choose to sell your property yourself. If you do, check out these tips from professionals. They will help you prepare your home for more buyers’ offers and quickly sell your property. And if there are phases of the home-selling process you need assistance with, consider seeking the advice of a real estate professional. Thanks to Get Broker Kit for consulting.


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