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To keep the air conditioning unit in good condition, you’ll have to periodically do some repairs and maintenance. But these AC repairs aren’t cheap. You will have to factor in a few things before estimating the cost of AC repair and maintenance. For example, the cost of AC repair will vary based on what kind of repair it is. On average, homeowners have to pay around $300 per AC repair and maintenance. But if you need heavy repairs, the cost will shoot up a lot.

Services that are Usually included in a Standard AC Repair Package

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AC repair service package varies from HVAC company to company. For example, some HVAC company provides both AC repair and maintenance in a package. On the other hand, some company provides AC repair and maintenance in separate packages. Usually, basic AC repair packages include checking the main air conditioner components such as the compressor, vents, air ducts, drain pan, filter, etc. However, if it is required, you can customize the AC repair package.

Before choosing any AC repair and maintenance package, consult an HVAC technician. This way, you will be able to know which parts to repair and their costs.

5 Factors You Must Consider Before Calculating AC Repair & Maintenance Costs in Frisco, TX

1. Age of the AC Unit

Firstly, you will have to consider the age of your air conditioning unit. If your air conditioner is more than 12 years old and needs repairs, it is likely to cost you a lot. Because the older the AC unit gets, the more repairs it needs. Also, after a certain time, no matter how many repairs you do, you won’t be able to get the optimum performance from your AC unit anymore.

So how do you know if it’s worth repairing your AC system? For this, first, ask for the AC repair cost from the HVAC technician and multiply that amount by the age of your AC system. If the value is more than 4,000, you must consider purchasing a new AC system. But if the value is less than 4,000, you can call an HVAC technician. If you’re looking for an AC Repair Company, Frisco has some of the best AC repairmen.  

2. SEER Rating

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SEER rating indicates the efficiency of an HVAC system. Usually, modern AC units have a SEER rating between 14 to 20. On the flip side, older AC units have a SEER rating of 10. But why does it matter?

A higher SEER rating indicates higher efficiency. When the AC unit has a SEER rating of 10 (the standard SEER rating nowadays is 14), it indicates that the system is less efficient. And if you repair such a low-efficient AC system, you won’t notice much difference in the performance. Besides, you may have to frequently visit the HVAC technicians’ shop. That is why if you have an air conditioning unit that has a SEER rating of 10 or less, you shouldn’t bother repairing it. Instead, you should replace the unit with a high SEER-rated air condition system.

3. Season

During summer and spring, demand for air conditioners is at its peak. And if you need air conditioner repair or maintenance at that time, HVAC technicians will charge more from you more. Besides, you may have to wait in a long queue to get your AC unit repaired. That is why it is advised to repair the cooling system during the off-season.

4. Damage Type

The total cost of your AC repair will depend on the damage type. If your AC system has a clogged filter, you will require around $30 to replace the filter. But if there is damage in the major components like the compressor, you will have to pay thousands of dollars to repair it. Sometimes, the cost will exceed the price of a new cooling system. That is why, before deciding to repair, ensure that the AC repair is economical.

Other Components and Their Repair Costs

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AC Thermostat

With the thermostat, you can control the temperature of your AC system. However, this thermostat can sometimes go bad, and you will need to replace it. Usually, if you opt for a regular AC thermostat, it will cost you around $30-$50. But if you want to upgrade your thermostat to a smart thermostat, the cost will go up to $200. With a smart thermostat, you can maximize your comfort and minimize operational costs. So if you’re currently using a manual thermostat, it will be wise to replace it with a programmable thermostat.


Over time, your AC system can start to have leaks, and this can deplete the refrigerant level in the air conditioner. But without enough refrigerant, your AC unit won’t be able to produce the desired cooling. Besides, it will put additional stress on the system. Here, you will have to refill the refrigerant.

If your AC system uses R-22, it will cost you a lot, around $120 per pound on the black market. However, you shouldn’t use R-22 in your AC system because it harms the ozone layer, and because of this, it is banned in the US. On the flip side, if the AC system uses R410A, it will cost you half of the R22 refrigerant.

Type of Air Conditioner

AC repair and maintenance costs will vary depending on the AC type. For example, a mini AC system’s repair cost will differ from a ductless or split AC unit. That is why, before calculating the repair cost, make sure you consider your AC type.


During repairing the AC unit, ensure that other components, such as the circuit board, capacitor, and electrical wires are in good condition. If these components aren’t in good shape, replace them ASAP. Usually, the replacement cost of these components can cost between $100 to $600.

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