Key Things to Consider When Designing a Spare Bedroom to Rent Out Short-Term

used with permission from Journey Home Interiors

Many families have been finding it hard to make ends meet over the last few years, and with a turbulent property and stock market and other instabilities, such difficulties could continue for many. 

If you want to make some extra cash each month to pay the bills or save more money, you might want to consider renting out a spare bedroom to short-term tenants, such as those who rent for a couple of nights or a week or two via Airbnb or other, similar websites. If this is your plan, here are some top things to consider as you set up the space. 

used with permission from Journey Home Interiors

Do Your Research

Before you list a room on a rental platform, research who your likely customers will be and what they’re looking for. Understanding this will help you plan the setup of the spare bedroom accordingly and, in turn, attract more customers at a top dollar. For example, are people going to want a desk and access to the internet so they can work while they stay, or will they be focused on having access to a list of things to do in the area and places to eat, etc., or being able to bring their pet with them? 

There are all sorts of considerations, but the more you can learn about who’s likely to book with you, the better. This will help you understand how to best create a space that will work for your clientele and effectively describe it online. Plus, remember that there are numerous platforms where you can list your rental, all with various pros and cons. Find out how much traffic the various options get, the fees they charge those who list spaces with them, and if they target certain traveler types or not. 

Check out the rules and regulations involved with different platforms, too. Use this information to help you decide which site (or multiple ones) you’ll advertise your spare bedroom on. Don’t forget to check if you’re legally allowed to rent your space, too. Some local councils or co-op boards have laws affecting rental arrangements. 

used with permission from Journey Home Interiors

Keep Things Neutral

When decorating your spare bedroom, it’s best to keep things reasonably neutral. You never know who will book time at your home, so keeping the décor neutral will help it appeal to the broadest audience possible. It pays to select a simple color palette for the walls, flooring, and furniture you put in the room. However, you can add visual interest through colorful soft furnishings such as drapery, art, cushions, rugs, bedding, etc. These layers will help you add more texture to the space as well. 

used with permission from Journey Home Interiors

Ensure You Have a Superior Bed Set Up

No matter who your target market is, they will want a good night’s rest. As a result, your spare bedroom must be set up with an excellent mattress supported by a strong and effective base. It’s wise to buy a brand new, affordable mattress to put in the room so you know that people should generally be comfortable. Try to pick something that isn’t too soft or firm, so it’s more likely to appeal to many visitors. You may want to put a mattress topper on the bed, too, to provide additional plushness. 

It’s also worth investing in some beautiful new bedding for the room. Choose linen made with a high thread count and from breathable and soft-to-the-touch fabric. Furthermore, add numerous pillow options to the bed so your guests can choose the best style for their body and sleeping style. Add enough blankets, quilts, and the like in the year’s colder months, too. 

Focus on Other Practicalities

Lastly, focus on additional practicalities. For example, if you live in an area that gets very hot or cold, it pays to install HVAC so people can stay comfortable. Ceiling or floor fans and plug-in heaters or even perhaps a fireplace can be a helpful touch. Plus, set up the room with all the little extras that you like to have available to you when you travel. For instance, provide a booklet about nearby attractions and restaurants or delivery services, the Wi-Fi code, a hairdryer, and some toiletries. 

Ensure there’s proper lighting in the room, so people can work or read when they want to, and that you provide storage space and hangers so visitors can unpack and hang their clothes. Many will also want access to a TV and an iron and ironing board. 

You may want to consider providing a bathrobe and slippers and adding a kettle and a bar fridge to the room so people can make themselves a hot drink and keep some milk, wine, or food chilled if needed. Many people appreciate breakfast being included in their room rate, too.

You can soon start to enjoy excellent cashflow returns if you take the time to design your spare bedroom beautifully, list it effectively, and treat people with care and consideration when they stay. Thanks to Avocado Green Mattress for consulting.


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