How to Keep the Cozy Cool During Summer

Used with permission from J Patryce Design Photographer: Christian Harder

We have already had some heatwaves this summer that has taken us all by surprise. It’s looking likely that this will become the norm increasingly. Being able to endure these temperatures in the comfort of your own home, in the spaces of it you frequent and find joy, is essential. What it might require is a little change to your furnishings and arrangements. 

It may be that your favourite spot is a suntrap and, as such, your furniture could be damaged by the sun. When people are buying furniture, it is important to think about the environment that these will be placed in to give them the best chance of success both short and long term. Sofas as an example are not cheap pieces of furniture so be sure to think about this.

Used with permission from J Patryce Design Photographer: Christian Harder


There are many unique styles and materials that come with a sofa, and it is important to recognise the effect on the comfiness of this but also the longevity. As an example, leather sofas are common and getting more appealing to households however with this comes the coldness of sitting on them in the winter months or the heat from them in the summer. If they are left in direct sunlight, there is a risk this will burn through the leather and cause it to rip. Clearly, this is a risk if you are planning to have these chairs or sofas near windows and this should be taken into consideration. As there is so much variety in terms of material and specifications, it is a good idea to shop around at places such as Price Buster – discount furniture that literally has hundreds of different options and materials to choose from.

Used with permission from J Patryce Design Photographer: Christian Harder


It is common for people to purchase overthrows for their sofas. This could be for a number of reasons, but the two most common will be to maintain the integrity of the sofa and if it is damaged or worn to have to cover it. These may look nice and pretty on the sofa however it will heat it up. If your intention is to have these over it and then remove them to sit on it, you may wish to reconsider as you are not keeping the sofa cool, and this will heat it up (not significantly, but it will have an effect).

Air Circulation

The easiest way to keep the sofa cool is with good old-fashioned air circulation. Keeping the windows open when you can to allow a breeze to come in or even having an air conditioning unit on will help support this. Another option is to have a ceiling fan. Sounds out of the ordinary and something you would expect to see in other warmer countries but as temperatures continue to rise, this is something that will become more common in our country. It might have to be the case, as climate change takes its effect, that we adopt the traditions of warmer countries.


And finally, consider keeping your cozy next to an open window. You can enjoy the breeze that comes in first-hand and watch the sunrise from your comfiest chair. Thanks to Price Busters for consulting


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