You may be familiar with garden screens, but have you given any thought to the ways in
which they could improve the space you have outside? Garden screens can provide a
solution for a variety of issues, including the need to increase the level of privacy in your
garden, the creation of distinct outside areas for dining, entertaining, playing, relaxing, and
working, and the addition of an enhancing decorative feature. Just in time for summer, here
are some garden screening ideas to get your creative juices flowing and get you thinking.

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Gardening is a popular hobby in the United Kingdom (42 percent of people enjoy it), and
garden screening, as its name suggests, prevents you from being seen by passers-by while
also creating an enclosure and a private space for dining and relaxing. If you want to have
some privacy in your garden, you should think about the height of the garden privacy
screen, how opaque it is, and how to open it. The dimensions and appearance of our garden
screen panels can be modified to suit your needs. They are an alternative to conventional
fencing and can either be added to an existing fence to make it taller or used independently
as a decorative screen.

The designs we offer for decorative garden screens range from modern decorative garden
screens that really make a statement, like those showcased in our Geometric and
Interesting collections. Or, if you favor traditional outdoor screens that become an integral
part of your garden, such as those featured in our Cultural and Organic ranges.


If you are one of the fortunate 87 percent of Americans who has a garden, you should try to
spend as much time as you can there. Suppose you section your garden into separate areas.
In that case, you’ll have the ability to keep dining and entertaining areas distinct from areas
designated for play, workspaces, vegetable patches, and kitchen gardens. Even if you only
want to use your garden for some of the activities or if you have a small amount of space,
installing outdoor screens will help you make the most of your outdoor space.


Wooden fencing has long been used as the standard method for enclosing gardens. Despite
this, they need regular maintenance because they are susceptible to damage from the
environment. Let’s say you’re looking for a way to surround your garden that won’t require
any upkeep over the long term. In such a scenario, our decorative garden screens represent
an appealing alternative. Our bespoke garden screening comes in a wide variety of colours,
patterns, and sizes, and it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden borders. The
garden screens are designed for the weather in the UK and are made from high-quality steel with a premium plastic powder coating that shields them from the environment. They were designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Garden screening is a practical alternative to the conventional use of wooden fencing due to the ease with which it is installed. On our website, you’ll find information about the outdoor screen’s specifications as well as a method for stress-free do-it-yourself installation.

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In many gardens, the trellis or pergola serves as the centrepiece of the space. Climbing
plants such as clematis and jasmine, as well as rambling roses that are fragrant and
colourful, have a place to grow, thanks to them. On trellises, you can cultivate wild
strawberries, raspberry canes, redcurrants, and blackcurrants if you’re more interested in
the functional side of gardening than the decorative side. Imagine that you are looking for
something that will last for many years; this is something that is especially important for
climbing plants and roses. In this scenario, garden screens provide an attractive alternative
that will continue to look nice even after many years have passed. Because garden screens
are custom-made to order, you have complete freedom in determining their dimensions,
colours, and patterns to ensure that they complement the plants you have planted.
We were able to take full advantage of our gardens thanks to the popularity of pergolas,
which resulted in just under 19 million Google searches in the past year. The sides and roofs
of your pergola can be formed using garden screens, which are the ideal product for this
application. If you use your space for work or entertainment, they will provide you with
shelter, shade, and privacy all at the same time. Garden screens can be tailored to your
specific needs. Different colours, designs and sizes mean that your pergola will be a bespoke
design unique to you.

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Many people have recycling bins and trash cans in their backyards, which are obligatory but frequently unsightly due to their location. Screens placed outside are an excellent option for providing an aesthetically pleasing enclosure for these. Choose an opaque screen with few cut-out areas if you want to keep the location of your trash cans a secret. The presence of air conditioning units, oil tanks, and LPG gas bottles is not uncommon in rural gardens that do not have access to mains gas.

Although these are required to have cooking and heating facilities in your house, they are typically located in an outdoor space. Because they are typically quite large, they have the potential to completely take over a garden and turn into an unattractive focal point. The use of garden screens will more effectively disguise them than the use of potted plants. Check to see that there is sufficient clearance between the screen and the gas bottle or tank you are using.

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Decorative Garden hot tubs are becoming an increasingly common sight in the UK. You want to be able to make the most of them, but at the same time, you don’t want to be watched by people walking by or interrogated by neighbours who are inquisitive about what you’re doing. You may get the desired level of privacy from garden screening, which can also assist you in creating an oasis of tranquilly in which to enjoy your bubbles. In a similar vein, let’s say that your home in the United Kingdom is one of the fortunate 250,000 that features an outdoor swimming pool. In this scenario, outdoor garden screening can be used to enclose your pool area and prevent it from being viewed by passers-by. Our garden screening comes in a variety of colour options, giving you the freedom to select the perfect shade of blue, green, or turquoise to complement the aesthetic of your pool area.Not only will installing luxury screens around your swimming pools and hot tubs make them seem better, but they will also provide you with more privacy. Screening in the garden maintains the separation between the water feature and the rest of the garden, so contributing to the protection of young children and animals that might unintentionally enter the pool area. To qualify as a safety feature, the spa tub or swimming pool space must be completely enclosed. Thanks to Luxury Screens for consulting.


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