A Condo in the Philippines: A True Bargain


Condos are designed to address the intricacies of modern-day living. We see more and more condos rising in urban centers, and now even in provincial areas.

Sadly though, condos still carry a myth of being expensive. In reality, condos can actually become an affordable housing option, especially if you take into consideration all the perks that condo living carries along with it. 

Living in a condo in the Philippines can end up being a financially-wise decision. And to support this claim, here are some reasons why a condo in the Philippines can be a true bargain:

Reason # 1: Location and Accessibility

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Most modern condos in the Philippines are situated in city centers. This brings you very close to places of work. The commute in the Philippines can be so bad so being within walking distance to where you work can make all the difference. Furthermore, rising fuel costs make it very expensive to drive. With a condo that is near your office, you can save on time and money.

A lot of condos are also built within township projects, bringing you closer to other essential establishments such as malls, banks, and other services. 

And aside from city centers, we can see condos having been built, and even more being built, in tourist destinations such as the cool mountain-town of Baguio. There are also condos being built near beaches, making such leisure destinations very accessible to you. 

Reason # 2: Affordable condos are on the rise

There are builders, including subsidiaries of the biggest property developers in the country, who target the economic market and thus come up with affordable condo options for this segment. You can come across economic condominiums in different parts of the country, even in the cities. 

Such condominiums also have affordable payment terms that really allows low to middle-income families to be able to own their own condominium unit. 

Reason # 3: Amenities and Facilities 

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What’s great about condos is that they come with amenities and facilities that are hard for the typical Filipino family to have in their homes. Most houses, for instance, don’t have swimming pools, gyms, function halls, or playgrounds. Meanwhile, most modern condos have these kinds of amenities for the use of their residents. 

Reason # 4: Maintenance and Security

The building’s property management is also a boost for condo living. Having a dedicated team that can maintain the building for you, manage common areas, do repairs in shared facilities, and keeps the building secured, can definitely make your life easier for you. And this is built into your condo dues, so the cost is shared by all the residents of the condo.

Having a well-maintained home, together with top-notch security is definitely something that is difficult to have on landed property, especially in consideration of all the costs involved in doing all these on your own.

Reason # 5: Condos can serve as an investment

Living room with dining space
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We have discussed how condos can help you save on money, but what’s more, is that they can also help you earn money. As condos are high in demand, condo rental businesses have flourished. For all the same reasons why condos are good for a buyer, those who want to experience condo living can also do so by renting, and that’s what makes them very attractive.

So if you have the capacity to own a unit or two that you can turn into an investment, this can be a stable income stream for you.

Condominiums are definitely a modern-day housing solution. But it is not something that is exclusive to the rich and famous. Condo living is becoming more affordable, and with all the perks, it really gives you great value for your money.

So start exploring condo options near you now so you can begin your journey towards condo living in the Philippines.

Thanks to dmcihomes.com for consulting.


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