5 Ways To Transform Your Living Room With Luxury Furniture


The living room is one of the most important rooms in many houses since it plays a significant role in the family and social life. It makes sense to splurge on luxury living room furniture for various reasons. Luxury furniture is made with legacy in mind, and the materials used are carefully selected to guarantee design and structural longevity. Therefore, these furniture pieces will last longer than their cheaper counterparts. Furthermore, luxury furniture allows you to create a truly sophisticated living room with more customisation. Consequently, you can transform your living room from drab to exquisite by investing in designer furniture from highly recommend luxury retailers like Tulip Interiors.

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Here are 5 ways to transform your living room with luxury furniture.

Invest Most In The Sofa

The sofa is perhaps the most vital piece of furniture in any home. Sofas are often sizeable investments for several homeowners, especially if they are leather and you can find some great examples from specialists stores like Leather Sofa World. It is best to spend the most on your sofa when seeking to transform your living room with stylish furniture. According to several interior design experts, selecting a great luxury sofa is finding the right balance between comfort and style, fashion, and function. Additionally, consider the style of your space when buying one to avoid acquiring the wrong size for your living room. You can invest in larger models like Chesterfields for roomy and modern living rooms, while two little two-seaters will work just fine if your space is smaller. It is generally best to opt for a simple and classic sofa style. The sofa can serve as an excellent backdrop for more visually compelling elements in your living room.

used with permission from Alice Lane Interior Design

Use Colours Wisely

Selecting complementary colour combinations for living room furniture is an art form you should carefully consider if you want the outcome to give off a sense of luxury. You can start by selecting your favourite living room furniture’s colour as the base colour that will run through the space. Then, build your colour palette around this choice with complementary shades. If you are going for a modern look, it might be best to select a base colour of grey, cream, or white. On the other hand,  brighter colours are worth considering if you invest in older or vintage-style furniture.

used with permission from Alice Lane Interior Design

The number one rule is to decorate for yourself, not others – select tones that you love and won’t go wrong with,’ says Charlotte Archer, head of the brand Sanderson. Furthermore, Charu Gandhi, the founder and director of Elicyon, opines that size matters in addition to aesthetics when using colours. According to her, scale influences how diverse you can be with colour selection and pairing. Also, a looser colour palette will work well if your living room is quite large, but it is best to keep the furniture colours more concise in a smaller living room.

Blend Different Types Of Luxury Furniture

It is also a great idea to fill your living room with different types of stylish furniture to create a practical, comfortable, and beautiful space. This is because your living room should, first and foremost, contain every possible type of furniture you could ever need. Therefore, it would be best to invest in accent chairs, chair ottomans, recliners, swivel and gliders, chaises, coffee tables, bookcases, and open shelving. However, remember to not only fill your living room with enough furniture to host a large number of people but to leave adequate space for guests to manoeuvre through comfortably. A popular and modern design theme is that few designers decorate with furniture sets. Although it is easy to follow a specific trend like traditional, mid-century modern, and contemporary, the most stunning spaces are those that effortlessly blend furniture from various styles, periods, and places.

used with permission from Alice Lane Interior Design

Consequently, get a general understanding of the main furniture styles to be better equipped to blend them cohesively. For instance, you can mix contemporary and modern furniture by using pieces with similar lines and wood tones. In addition, remember that balance is a huge consideration when mixing furniture styles. For example, if you have a lot of contemporary furniture, balance it by using pieces from another style, like traditional or Scandinavian. Finally, don’t divide your living room to look like one side contains one furniture style while the other contains another style. Instead, pair each item with a complementary piece to balance them out and introduce more texture.

Invest In Storage

Nothing takes the luxury from a living space faster than clutter, so it is best to consider storage when investing in luxury living room furniture. Fortunately, you can invest in built-in furniture like an integrated sofa to tuck away random stuff like photo albums, books, remotes, small electronics, and pens. In addition, storage benches can keep bulkier items like extra blankets and pillows, shoes, and kids’ toys. Coffee tables with drawers and lower shelves will also help maximise your storage options. Bookcases are also great furniture additions to any living room for extra storage. You can also consider wall shelves, perhaps the most versatile living room storage. Wall shelves on brackets can give your living room space a rustic charm, while floating shelves are excellent for a more modern look.

Be Creative With Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are undoubtedly the standout furniture pieces in many modern living rooms. They come in various shapes, from oval to rectangular and are made from marble, brass, wood, and glass. However, you needn’t stick with the traditional coffee table concept when transforming your living room with luxury furniture. Therefore, feel free to use a coffee table from unconventional objects or materials. For instance, you can use your Ottoman as a coffee table, which can always double as a leg rest. Nesting and free form coffee tables are also considered viable alternatives to traditional coffee tables, so keep this in mind. Thanks to the companies listed above for consulting.


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