3 Great Room Upgrades to Consider for Any Home


Your home is your castle, and you want to take care of it as best you can. But maintenance and actual improvement are two different things, and after getting used to how their house currently is, many homeowners forget to dream about how they might upgrade their homes for the better. Here are three great room upgrades to consider making in any home.

Home Theater

living room with chairs, TV and coffee table
Used with permission of Millhaven Homes

Who doesn’t love movies? And movie buff or not, who wouldn’t love to be able to entertain people in their own home theater? Having this space built into your home can be a source of great entertainment for family gatherings as well as an awesome selling point for potential buyers. The keys to a great home theater are the audio and visual setup quality, the lighting, and the furniture.

For the AV setup, it’s best to hire a residential AV installer to get it right, and for lighting, it’s important to consider dimmable fixtures as well as blackout capability with regard to windows or any other source of natural light. Furniture is the least of the three considerations but still important; you want your theater to be comfortable but also suited well to audience engagement and able to accommodate your target capacity.


Kids room with two beds and book shelf
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

For a family with kids (or looking to have kids), there’s nothing more relevant than a good playroom to improve the functionality of their home for the little ones. Playrooms can be just about any size and can be geared toward any age group. They often have lots of good storage for smaller toys and at least one or two large toys (like small slides) as well. Windows are important for any playroom, too, as they bring natural light and a sense of freedom to a space.

Ultimately the key is to make it fun and accessible to the kids who’ll utilize it. In many two-story homes, playrooms are built into some of the larger hallway spaces upstairs. Another option is to repurpose an office space that isn’t needed. Regardless, think about how you can bless your family with a fun and unique space just for the kids to spend time having fun together.

Home Office

Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Finally, a great room to find space for in your home is an office. Having a home office not only improves your ability to work from home as needed, but it will help you stay organized with tasks and to-do list items from around the house. After all, things like taxes, letters, bills, and other miscellaneous paperwork need a place to live.

Make sure your home office is designed with the right aesthetic quality for you to enjoy the space while being productive. It’s also important for it to be secluded enough to allow for optimal focus while still being conveniently located in the house.

These three ideas for unique rooms can get you started thinking about how you might upgrade the space in your house. A home theater, playroom, or home office can add value to your home both for the enjoyment of your family and for the successful sale of your home later on.

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