What Is Home Staging: Everything You Need To Know


You have seen pictures of gorgeous houses everywhere – 

In pages of glossing magazines.

House in the movies.

Or, houses you see on social media handles.

– Your house needs to look like that before you sell it!

According to the National Association Of Realtors – 

31% of the buyers were happy to pay some extra if the real estate property was staged. 

77% of the buyers were able to clearly see themselves living in the home.

40% of the buyers are willing to visit the house, knowing it was staged.

With all these stats, what can we conclude? It is clear how staged houses are better than just real estate property.

Seeing how staged houses make the best deal, we have come here to discuss important things about staged houses.

This article will discuss what Staging a house means and share some tips that will help bring the best out of a staged house.

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What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of staging the house for better outlook and presentation. Now, this can be done by professional stagers or realtors to give the house more aesthetic looks. 

Staging a house might include –

  • Switching out some of the decorative items.
  • Adding or removing furniture to give the desired look.
  • Decorating it to give a look that fits the taste of buyers.

To understand home staging, you need to think like a marketer. When you start thinking like a marketer, you will know about what can be done to make your house look more appealing. This is where a home stager gets the chance to shine.

A home stage will know the type of buyers who will love the house and stage the house accordingly. They essentially declare the space so that it makes the buyer think of how they will look while living at home.

Most potential buyers want to envision themselves in their new home; if you can offer the things they want, you might close the deal faster than expected. 

That being said, if you want to find how your house will look if staged, click to try it out here.

used with permission from Andrea West Design

What Does Home Staging Entail?

Selling an empty home is not a bad thing; you are just showing your buyers the thing that they will get.


What if we add the elements like furniture, tables, showpieces, paintings, and more to make it look more complete?

Will that be more appealing than an empty house?

Well, we all know the difference!

A staged house makes the real estate property look more complete and allows the buyers to envision themselves in their new home. This helps your real estate property gain a good name in the market and helps sell the house faster.

Here are the things you need to know to stage your house?

  • Move around the furniture to present your room with better layouts.
  • Use the existing home decor items in different ways to match your layouts.
  • Reduce the items in the house to avoid cluttering.
  • Clean the house.

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Home Staging Tips: What Do Experts Have To Say?

With so much to gain, it makes sense that sellers stage their real estate properties. Fortunately, many of the major staging tips do not require a lot of money.

Whether you are getting ready to sell your house or just adding a few things to the list to make it more appealing, the following tips will help you.

1. De-Personalize The Space

When you are staging your house for sale, you must remove things of any personal value. This is because when a buyer comes in to see a house, they want to see themselves in the house. Having your personal belongings will distract them from doing so.

Even if you cannot remove the items altogether, just put a whole cloth to cover them up. This will at least keep the personalized items away from buyers’ vision.

2. Declutter Your House

Clutters fill your house for no reason. Being a seller, you must understand that buyers like to have a staged house, but having too many things in a single room might look messy.

No, you don’t have to get rid of things. You can simply pick a few things out of the room and store them in the basement. Having enough space in the house will help buyers look into their storage potential.

used with permission from Andrea West Design

3. Patch & Repairs

Home staging is a good time to see all the minor and major problems. You can use this phase to tackle any small cracks, leaks, holes, and any other problem that might dampen the value of the house.

Keep a keen eye on the area where you doubt you might have problems. If necessary, use some chalk to mark the area and get it treated the next day.

4. No Neutral With Your Representation

The staging process may be a bit intensive and time-consuming. But, once it has been done correctly, you will find a significant uplift in the market price. 

While you are staging the house for the best deal, it is important that you’re keeping everything neutral. You might never know what kind of buyers come next.

This includes using neutral colors to paint the walls, decorating with things most people will like, and removing personalized items.

5. Rearrange The Furniture

You want your house to have enough space for the buyer to walk around freely. This helps the buyers navigate through the house with ease and help them better visualize their stay.

You can increase the space by removing additional furniture. Just keep what’s needed and rearrange them so that it gives off a spacious feel.

Don’t Forget To Stage Your Backyard!

Just doing the house interior will not do any justice. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, you need to stage your backyard as well. Staging a backyard will add icing to the cake. It will also attract buyers that do not match your requirement.

But hey! If they are paying well, why not? Thanks to TEIFK real estate for consulting


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