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Any restaurant with a dining room or bar will require modern restaurant furniture to keep customers comfortable while they dine and drink. Choosing restaurant furniture, on the other hand, is difficult because there are so many alternatives, with each manufacturer stating their pieces are ideal for whatever your requirements are.

We’ll go over the various options available to you and help you contextualize the decision for your specific restaurant type. You will need to find a balance of efficiency and style that complements the aesthetic of your organization, as well as components that fit your area. Outdoor and indoor furniture must be strong in different categories in order to perform well and be cost-effective. 

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Depending on the design of your restaurant, you may also want customized furnishings to create the desired atmosphere in your dining room, bar, or patio. We’ll go over the different designs of restaurant tables and chairs, including outdoor restaurant furniture, to assist you to evaluate which features would be most beneficial to your establishment.

Restaurant Tables and Chairs Tips

Every food service operation must continuously strike a balance between offering the finest possible experience and serving enough paying customers to keep the doors open. The more tables and chairs you can accommodate in your dining room, the more money you can possibly make; however, if you cram too many people into your dining room, none of them will have a great time and will return for another dinner. As a result, it is essential to strike a balance between comfort and profitability in your dining room, bar, or outdoor seating space.

The size of your building restricts total visitor capacity, but there are other considerations that further reduce available space. You’ll need enough room between tables so that servers and customers can easily move between them, and you may want to make sure you have enough space to comply with ADA regulations for disabled visitors to move about freely. Furthermore, the type of dish you serve may require more or less space per person at a table.

In a typical restaurant, a fair rule of thumb is 15-18 square feet per guest. So, if you have a thousand square feet of dining room area, you can only fit 66 people in there.

If you’re going to serve many plates, bowls, and so on for each guest, fine dining venues will require more space per person. Calculate how much space the average diner will require based on the number of items offered at any one time, as well as how each table will fit into the general concept of your dining room.

How To Choose The Best Restaurant Tables

Restaurant tables
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When you’ve determined the entire capacity of your restaurant, you can begin planning where you’ll place the rest of your restaurant furnishings. Tables exist in a range of forms and sizes, and most restaurateurs aim to offer a variety of table alternatives to accommodate different party sizes. Restaurants frequently offer tables that comfortably accommodate two, four, or six people so that parties of all sizes may all find a place, but this can be limited by space.

Small cafés will not want to offer six-person tables since they take up too much space and are not always completely utilized, but large dining rooms may afford to set aside space for larger gatherings. Of course, many tables can be pushed together to satisfy the needs of a large gathering, but this is only effective if you have square or rectangular tables.

Restaurant tables can be purchased as complete sets or as separate bases and tops. Buying the components individually allows you to replace either piece without having to buy a new table.

Table Shapes

Round table tops are fantastic for creating an intimate ambiance, but they are less versatile than square-edged tables since they are more difficult to combine.

Square table tops are a middle-of-the-road option that is less intimate than a small circular table but more intimate than rectangular options, and they often seat two or four people.

Rectangular table tops can typically seat the most people, but the guests are spaced furthest apart.

Restaurant Table top Materials

Modern restaurant furniture is manufactured from a range of materials, but practically all table surfaces are treated to be smooth and easy to clean. The distinctions are mostly visual; natural wood and stone table tops are often the greatest quality, whilst laminate and plastic options are ideal for informal establishments.

To see the material used in each table, refer to the product specification sheets. Consider the material’s durability in relation to the style you want to exhibit in your company, and then couple that with the layout of table tops you’ve chosen.

Commercial Patio Furniture Tips

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Outdoor furniture must be extremely durable and weather resistant to survive the continual wear and tear of rain, sun, and wind. Outdoor tables with laminate, metal, stone, or wood tops are available, with some metal tables featuring a mesh top that is more difficult to clean but allows water and spilled drinks to drain readily. Some tables include holes in the center to accept patio umbrellas, which substantially improves your guests’ comfort on sunny days.

Benches, seats, and bar stools are all available in weather-resistant forms. In fact, it’s starting to become common for people to incorporate high quality designer furniture to their patio these days. Outdoor benches provide a place for guests to sit while they wait for their tables and can be composed of metal, hardwood slats, or metal mesh. These are available with and without a back, and some include cushions for extra comfort. Outdoor chairs are composed of metal, wicker, plastic, and wood, as well as folding and stacking chairs, which are great for restaurants that need to store outdoor furniture during the off-season. Outdoor bar stools are made of the same materials as chairs and come with or without backs.

If you intend to keep your patio area open all year, patio heaters will keep your customers warm during the cold months. There are floor models and wall-mounted heaters available, with options for heating with gas or electricity.


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