Elevate Your Indoor or Outdoor Space With Innovative Rug Designs


Most times, people who walk into a home don’t readily notice the floor design right away. Instead, our eyes are drawn to the furniture, paintings, windows, etc. But floor design plays a fundamental role in home design. 

Living room with big white couch
Used with permission of Millhaven Homes

In a study of people who were in the process of building a home, up to 71% of the respondents said that they would prefer a personalized design for their floors. Floors are the literal and figurative bedrock of the home experience. Without a good floor design, a home would not look as complete as it should. That’s why designers and home developers tend to put a premium on great-looking floors. 

After building the structural aspects of suitable flooring for their dream homes, it won’t take long for consumers to start thinking about enhancing it with design solutions. First, of course, both the indoor and outdoor floor design must tie together, especially during summertime when we open up our spaces to the season’s beauty. Usually, rugs are what people resort to as a primary way to improve floor design for both indoor and outdoor environments. That’s why companies like Mother Ruggers are so dedicated to providing top-level designs to their clientele. 

“At Mother Ruggers, we bring innovative, fashionable, machine washable, anti-slip textiles to our clients,” shares Stormy Simon, Co-founder and CEO of Mother Ruggers, a rug design company that’s making a splash in the industry. “We believe rugs shouldn’t just be walked on about; rRugs should be talked about. So at Mother Ruggers, our philosophy is rugs should be viewed as inspiration, and your room will then follow.”

Kitchen with dark oven and white elements
Used with permission of Andrea West Design

Mother Ruggers is a business that has devised a new and innovative way of creating flooring solutions: completely washable, anti-slip rugs that promise an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to enhance their home design while keeping quality and function The company currently has a new set of brand extensions lined up, including a product line called Rugaroos. This line is specially made for kids and ensures a bright, pleasant, and safe flooring design for families. Mother Ruggers is also about to debut PattieO, a durable and chic rug brand meant for outdoor living. 

Rugs play an integral role in indoor home design. They provide a visual aesthetic that builds a touch of interest in the home. When selecting a rug, one must think of visual design, durability, and practicality. A rug must not only have visual appeal, but also last the wear and tear of life. There’s also the factor of cleanability as vacuum cleaners can savagely beat on a rug regularly. Then there’s the issue of practicality, ensuring that the rug doesn’t disrupt day-to-day life and can be a safe solution by ensuring they don’t cause slipping within the home. 

View from the hall, living room with round chandelier, chair and window with curtains
Used with permission of Colleen Duffley

Mother Ruggers also pushes the boundaries of floor design by introducing outdoor rugs. While previously unthinkable, given the unforgiving weather that could ruin a rug in a matter of days, the company has a solution that will make any outdoor space, including patios, balconies, poolside lounges, and so on, more beautiful. Selecting your outdoor rug starts with deciding what space will need a rug. You should then select a design that blends well with all the elements of your outdoor space, including the garden, flooring, and the backside facade of your home.

Creating a house with a beautiful floor design can help elevate your home experience. And given that we spend most of our time at home, this should be a priority for anyone who wants to live a life marked by excellence and warmth. 

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