Bringing The Outdoors In At Home


Being outdoors does wonders for our mental health. It can boost our mood and wellbeing, it helps us to feel refreshed, and promotes a sense of calm and contentness. But with sedentary jobs and long hours, most of us don’t spend as much time outdoors as we should. But even if you can’t get out as much as you’d like, one thing you can do at home is bring the outdoors in- you can give your home that peaceful sense of calm and reap some of the benefits that you’d get from being outside. Here are some ideas for going about it.

Add Plants

Various plants in pots used to create indoor jungle
Photo by vadim kaipov on Unsplash

Nothing will bring the outdoors in quicker than adding plants! Living plants and flowers have a huge effect on psychologically, so houseplants and cut flowers are so worth bringing into your home. Not only will they bring colour and texture to your home decor, but they can help to improve your air quality and give you that feeling of being outside, even when you’re stuck at your desk.

Let nature inspire your decor

From natural materials such as wicker, wood and rattan to earthy brown and neutral tones, plus bright greens and blues inspired by sky and foliage. There are plenty of blogs, videos and Pinterest pictures to inspire you and help you to capture this theme in your home.

Utilise your conservatory

Living room with couch, table and chairs
Used with permission of Lisa Furey Interiors

Many of us have conservatories in our homes, but simply don’t make enough use of them. If this is the case for you, consider sprucing up your conservatory as they’re the perfect balance between outside and in. Check to see if any of the windows or doors need replacing. Failed glazing panes can be replaced without having to replace the whole lot, and something like a sliding patio door like these here from Quality Window Screen are a good option. Invest in a comfy conservatory seating set, and some finishing touches like a rug, plants and nice lighting. When the warmer weather comes around, enjoy mornings sitting out sipping tea in this space- or evenings with a glass of wine after work.

Don’t overlook the importance of natural light

Dining room with round table and chairs and kitchen with kitchen island and dark bar chairs
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Natural light is a powerful mood booster, it’s one of the biggest benefits we get from being outside. But we can get some of the benefits of the natural light in our home too, and it’s important to do so if you spend a lot of time indoors. If you work from home, position your desk so that it’s close to the window. Make sure any curtains or blinds you’re using aren’t blocking out too much light, and consider large feature mirrors in your home to reflect light back in.

Do you have any tips for bringing the outdoors in at home?

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