Best Places to Live With A Low Cost of Living In Florida


Have you been planning to shift to Florida? Well! If yes, then you have made a great decision. From class to affordability, what is there that Florida doesn’t have to offer to you? With renowned attractions such as Universal Studios and Disney World, white sand seashores and major corporation head offices, there is a lot to adore about this place. However, with surging demand, it sometimes becomes hard to find an affordable house—since median rent per month ranges from $1,800 and median house prices approx. $305,266. 

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But it is not impossible—if you do your research well and get in touch with an experienced realtor to find the home for sale in Pensacola, Florida.  

First, we will examine a few factors to understand what makes smaller towns and big cities affordable to live in. 

Here are two common factors: 


The climate of central and north Florida is moist subtropical, while south Florida is humid in nature. The state often, particularly the shore areas, experiences thunderstorms and rain from May to October. 


Florida doesn’t have a state income tax—liken that to the countrywide average of 4.6%. Here, house taxes also come in grounded (with an average rate of 8.3% of the house value). 

The country sales tax rate is 6.0% where some vicinities add their tax of approx. 0.5-2.5%, ensuing in an average collective rate of approx. 7.05% 

Here are some affordable places to live in Florida: 

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1. Saint Petersburg, FL

Total Population: 265, 351 

Rank: 2nd 

Salary to rent proportion: $45,483/$13,392= 3.40 

House price to income proportion: $284,100/$45,483= 6.24

This place is situated in Central Florida on the West Coast adjacent to Tampa Bay. You can consider St. Petersburg to live as it ranked 2nd last year plus renting houses are affordable here. Besides, major and big highways associate the city with other rich locations such as Tampa Bay. You can get access to a few small airports for travelling. Some people also use St. Pete-clearwater international airport while other Tampa International Airport which is 30 minutes away from the locality. 

2. Homosassa Springs, FL

Total Population: 13, 478 

Rank: 6th 

Salary to rent proportion: $40,870/$9,276 = 4.41 

House price to income proportion: $83,300 /$40,870 = 2.04

Both renting and buying a property is affordable here—this place is located approx. 90 minutes away from Tampa North on Florida’s West Coast. The Tampa International airport and Gainesville Regional Airport are situated within the same distance. 

3. Jacksonville, FL 

Total Population: 911,507

Rank: 1st 

Salary to rent proportion: $54,701/$12,780 = 4.28

House price to income proportion: $173,200/$54,701 = 3.17

Situated on the Northeast Florida’s Coast, Jacksonville is one of the cheapest places to stay in Florida—its rank says it all. This city has straight access to Interstate 95 and it will take only 2 hours to reach here from Savannah, Georgia’s South. The airport line of Jacksonville is one of the biggest hubs that connect major airlines. 

4. Cape Coral, FL 

Total Population: 200,972

Rank: 3rd 

Salary to rent proportion: $61,599/$14,928 = 4.31

House price to income proportion: $229,400/$61,599 = 3.72

This place is situated in Southwest Florida, outside of a beautiful locality Fort Myers. Federal 75 connects to major capitals on Florida’s West Coast. People living here often use Southwest Florida International Airport to travel, which is 30 minutes away from the place. 

5. Palm Bay, FL 

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Total Population: 115,552

Rank: 4th 

Salary to rent proportion: $51,408/$12,708 = 4.05

House price to income proportion: $155,200/$51,408 = 3.02

Situated in the East Coast’s Central Florida, this place is just an hour away from Orlando. Good place for people with kids as it has 10 public schools and 25 private schools. Residents here use the Melbourne Airport to travel, which is just a short drive away. 

6. Palm Coast, FL 

Total Population: 89,800

Rank: 5th 

Salary to rent proportion: $54,360 /$15,576 = 3.49

House price to income proportion: $209,300/$54,360 = 3.85

Palm Coast is situated an hour away from Jacksonville’s South on the East shore of Florida. You can use Daytona Beach International Airport which is a short drive away, situated approx. 45 minutes from Palm coast.

7. New Port Richey, FL 

Total Population: 16,737

Rank: 7th 

Salary to rent proportion: $35,384/$9,876 = 3.58

House price to income proportion: $87,500/$35,384 = 2.47

Both renting and purchasing a property is affordable in New Port Richey, situated on the West Coast of Florida which is an hour away from North of Clearwater and Northwest of Tampa. You can choose to use the Airports in major close cities such as St. Petersburg or Tampa. 


You can choose one of the above-given places to live. However, entire Florida is a great-great place to live as it houses numerous employment options, good private & public schools, renowned colleges for degrees & certification courses. It is suggested to get in touch with an experienced and prominent realtor to find which place is best to purchase or rent a property in Florida—their expertise and broad network will help you find the right place to live in. 

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