Top 5 Energy-Saving Tips for Hotels in Adelaide


Technological developments have recently disrupted the hospitality industry. Many inventions on energy saving and efficiency create solutions for this particular industry. Australia is driving at reaching 50,000 homes with solar power energy.

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They have not forgotten about the hotel industry as well. In reality, there is no better time than now for the hotels to enjoy the advantages of the new energy-saving technologies available. Here are the top 5 ways you can save energy in hotels using these Electricity providers in Adelaide;

1. Adopting the solar panel technology

Households in Australia are not the only ones benefitting from solar energy technology. Many industries are also adopting the same. Why make the hotel industry an exemption?

The aim of any business is always to maximize profits and reduce operational costs. Therefore, reducing the energy costs is paramount to achieving the same. Solar power technology offers hotels a chance to reduce their overdependence on the power grid and reduce energy costs.

Hence, with solar panel technology, hotels can save a lot of money spent on energy consumption while subsidizing the energy.

2. Having the intelligent climate control system

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Climate control in hotels is the most important thing while considering saving energy. How hot, cold or cool your facility is dictated by how much you’ll spend on the cooling and heating systems or the air conditioners.

Intelligent climate control systems entail the HVAC systems, the programmable thermostat, and smart sensors that monitor fluctuations inside the facility at any time. These will help the hotels to maximize their energy savings. More so, the Electricity providers, Adelaide, will assist you in setting up the control system; hence make sure to visit and see what they offer.

3. Using Air source heat pumps

Thermostats save energy used in heating, but they are not the only way to reduce heating costs. There has been a new technology that reduces energy costs known as HVAC systems. These use the air heating pumps to transfer heat into the building from outside.

The advantage of these systems is that they can be used as heaters and coolers simultaneously. This saves on the energy consumed by the air conditioners, thereby cutting the cost by a very significant percentage.

4. Switching to the innovative lighting technology

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Bright lighting entails switching from the regular old school incandescent bulbs to LED lights. Making this switch enables the enterprise to understand its need better, thereby automating the consumption and adapting to technological changes.

Using intelligent lighting technology is very beneficial to the industry as it cuts energy costs by over 68 percent while increasing productivity by a whopping 20 percent. This, in turn, improves the workflow in the hotels as well.

5. Installing the innovative water management systems

Water is an essential requirement in every hotel. Water ensures that the industry stays afloat. This is because almost every process in the hotel needs water. Therefore, conserving energy used in water processes is essential. Installing smart water monitors such as the low-cost water meters, the energy consumption may be reduced and the cost.

Final thoughts

It is also better to change concerning the technological developments. In other words, it is advisable to change with the changing technology so as not to be left behind. Energy consumption never varies; therefore, all we can do is try as much as possible to conserve it.

For hotels, customer preferences will dictate the direction the measures to conserve energy will take. But consequentially, the hotels that will adapt to the energy-saving technology will have a higher chance of reducing their energy costs like the ones supplied by Electricity providers Adelaide.

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