The word renovation can spark excitement. When the bathroom is being renovated, there is a whole new level. The bathroom can easily be considered the comfort room. It is the comfort room for those who live inside the house and even those who don’t. The best way to escape any unwanted situation is by simply saying that you want to go to the bathroom. If the bathroom brings you peace and helps you relax after a tiring day, then nothing like it.

Bathtub and black shower with glass, black curtain and woven basket with laundry
Used with permission of Andrea West Design

The bathrooms at home are a synonym of our style and aesthetic. It is only imperative that the bathroom renovation be a smooth sailing experience. However, most of the time it is far from that. For it to be as smooth as butter, you need an experienced renovation partner like to carry out the work for you. All renovation processes are collaborative efforts. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind during renovation.

Always have a budget in place and some more

Anyone who has ever remodelled their bathroom will tell you, something always rises which wasn’t budgeted for. When renovating the bathroom you should always have a budget in mind. After that, you should set aside 10 to 15% of the renovation cost. This is a cushion which will help you to cater for the unexpected costs. Some problems might not be visible on the surface but might become evident when work is being done.

Have a separate section for the toilet

Designed bathroom
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To make the bathroom more functional and stylish, it is a great idea to have a separate section for the toilet. You can tuck the toilet behind a half wall or even with a room of its own. According to exerts from, this will give a discreet and classic look to the bathroom. Having a piece of furniture or a dresser that works as a barrier is also a good idea.

Be mindful about bathroom surface

The bathroom surfaces face a lot of abuse. When choosing the material, you need to be mindful of it. The material should be sturdy and have the ability to withstand pressure. You can consider porcelain tiles. Once you have decided the kind of surface you want to opt for, you might want to choose a similar material for the sink.

Investing in a showerhead

White designed bathroom with shower
Used with permission of Melanie Gowen

Homes have started to make a shift to the shower from the tub. They take up less space and are easier to clean. When you want to install a shower, make sure that you invest in a good one. Showers are heavy usage so splurging on this fixture will definitely be worth it.

Water efficiency

When picking out the fixtures, you must consider their water efficiency. A low-flow showerhead might cost you a bit more, but it will help you to save money in the long run. The showerhead has been designed to deliver a good pulse within a limited flow rate. While choosing the toilet, keep in mind the water they use per flush. Choose a faucet that has an aerator. It will help to minimize the flow to the sink.

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