Essential Tricks for Decorating Hallway


Hallways, whether small or long, lead one space to the other. Decorating the space gives visitors a good impression of one home. Homeowners and guests set their first impressions in this way while setting a clear picture of what is within. Hallways, mainly located at the home’s entry, act warmly. It is not essential to overlook this place but come up with valuable tricks for transformation. One can personalize the area with the most decorative ideas regardless of its size.

  1. Light Colors
Hall with stairs, chandelier and closet
Used with permission of Jenny Keenan

Hallways lack natural light meaning that it is crucial to have a light that fits the scale of the area. The use of light colors in the hallway gives more space. Unlike dark colors, which narrow the room even if it is big, lighter colors bring more light. Hallways require decorations just like any other room in the home. 

They lead one through the home, which calls for making the area beautiful. One can buy Facebook Livestream views to help make an informed decision while choosing the lighting. One needs to consider the best type of color to include in the home since it forms the basis for retaining guests to a welcoming area.

  1. Striped Wallpapers

Wallpapers add design features to the hallway without using valuable space. It is an effective way to decorate the hallway using black and white striped colors or combined colors. It can be used by homeowners and renters since there is an option of removable wallpaper. It makes a perfect décor idea since the wallpapers are highly visible, transforming the area into a pleasant look.

  1. Mirrors
Entrance to beige designed bedroom
Used with permission of Massucco Warner

People often look at their decency and appearance before leaving their homes. Hanging mirrors at a slanting angle helps keep the room bright. They can attract more natural light to the hallway, giving a more brilliant and extensive feel. Placements at the right corner attract more light, which decorates the complete walkway. They utilize the hallway space effectively, which results in decorations.

  1. Floating Influence

Children are well taken care of by the decorative ideas. Children have an option to spend the time in other activities. The floating basins and other hanging equipment attract children. Hallway accessories ideas like mirrors and benches give a floating influence, increasing functional use. It raises the overall need to use the hallway as many times as possible.

  1. Favorite Shades

The use of one favorite color to decorate the hallway makes it more attractive. It is vital to use one shade in the flooring and the other in the walls. Avoid mixing different shades but use a unique and favorite one. For instance, you can paint the wall a neutral color to make the hallway feel more extensive. 

 Creating a more dramatic hallway environment calls for selecting colors that relate to emotional responses. These measures turn the hallway into a one-stop area which visitors admire spending more time. .

  1. Wall Art
Hall with staircase
Used with permission of Marianne Simon Design

Wall art is an excellent example of room design ideas that transforms the hallway. Art acts as an effective way to turn a dull room into a more living and attractive one. One can opt to hang different pictures across the wall at various heights. Family photos or animal and plant pictures are alternatives to using. One can also opt for a picture ledge to display meaningful artwork. It catches the eyes of the passing people at a glance which turns the hallway into a personal touch.

  1. Patterned Tiles

The use of colorful patterned tiles is an effective way of decorating the hallway. It can start from the flooring to the walls to give a complete finish. It acts as a decorative idea of attracting people to rest the home’s walkway. According to one’s favorite color and angle, the patterned tiles make the space look larger and more attractive.

  1. Integrate Botanicals
Hallway with stairs, table and flowers in the vase
Used with permission of Emily Followill

One way to decorate the hallway is to include planters and other botanicals. They can be placed in countertops or at the corner side of the hallway, easily viewed by all. Placements of these planters either inside or directly proportional to the hallway window give a good glance. It helps enjoy the garden view. 

These planters freshen up the air in the hallway giving a calm atmosphere that leads to a conducive environment. Planters provide a garden view with less worry about home privacy. Due to this attractiveness offers excellent peace of mind, and one can visit the area more often than an earlier day. The use of natural stone tiles extends the outdoor feel in the hallway.

  1. Door Painting

One can paint the inside part of the door leading to the hallway as a decorative tip. It gives an addition of the wall color to provide a complete finish. Front doors leading to the hallways act as the first impression before entering the area. Yellow colors create a confident and welcoming space.

  1. Wood Paneling

Hallways characterize the most used area since they act as directions or lead to the other house parts. It is essential to use wipe-able paint due to the high chances of splashing mud or fingerprints in the way. Wood paneling also makes an option in this case to maintain a good hallway condition.

  1. Console Tables
Hall with blue wall and decoration
Used with permission of Kira David Design

One can decorate the hallway by adding a console table to boost storage. It acts as the best spot to place decorative items, keys, and lamps. Depending on the size of the hallway, placement at the center brings a distinctive and decorative look. 

Décor items such as bowls, table lamps, and vases transform the space. Since the area is an elongated space with windows and doors linking to other rooms, a central table will give a site to place some items. An occupied space looks more decent than an open space.


Hallways count for the most neglected part of the house. Hallways give a picture of the rest of the house. Its decorations need to work perfectly with the rest of the rooms it leads. The above décor ideas transform the space into a more functional corridor that one can remember and love spending time on. First impressions count. Therefore, it is essential to take time and consider decorating the hallway to add more value.

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